• World Cup fans in Lyon, France broke into a “Fuck Trump” chant as Greg Palkot reported live for FOX News
  • The chant went on for about 15 seconds as Palkot tried to ignore it
  • Later Palkot interviewed the man that started the Trump at which point he stated “Get that racist out of the White House”

Following the United States women’s national soccer team’s 2-1 victory over the Netherlands, FOX News cut to reporter Greg Palkot who was reporting live from a sports bar in Lyon, France. The live broadcast did not go as smooth as they had expected.

Palkot’s report does not even make it ten seconds before a man in the background begins a “Fuck Trump” chant. Other patrons of the bar decide to join in. The chant lasts for about 15 seconds, which was the majority of the first part of the report.

Adding insult to injury, Palkot ends up interviewing the man that started the chant. When asked if he had concerns over the women’s team losing, the man responds, “None what-so-ever. Now we need to win in 2020!” He and a woman next to him begin yelling “Democrats!” Before the interview ends, the man manages to say “Get that racist out of the White House.”

The clip has been being shared around on social media. While the video at the top of the article is censored for all ages, below you can watch the uncensored version.



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