• Security footage shows the moment a woman attacked a 3-year-old boy with a knife in Tbilisi, Georgia
  • The parents of the child say they had never seen the woman before the attack
  • Tbilisi police arrested the woman the following morning and she now faces seven to ten years in prison

A 51-year-old woman is in custody in Tbilisi, Georgia is in custody after stabbing a 3-year-old boy while he was walking with his parents and younger sister.

What Happened

Officers from the Vake-Saburtalo Division of the Tbilisi Police Department obtained security footage of the attack. In the video, the family is seen walking along the Pekini Street when an unknown woman approaches and attacks the young boy with her knife.

After attacking the first child, the woman is then seen attempting to attack the other child, but the parents managed to prevent her second attack. The parents of the child say they have never met the woman before. At the end of the video the woman is seen leaving the scene of the attack.

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Tbilisi Take 51-Year-Old Woman Into Custody

The boy was taken by ambulance to the Zhvania clinic where he received surgery. The clinic told Jam News the condition of the child is moderately severe. The child had cuts on his nose and cheek.

The woman managed to escape from the scene, but police arrested her the following morning. The female suspect has only been identified by the initials T.S. and the year of her date of birth. She faces seven to ten years in prison for the attack. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia released the following statement.

The investigation is in progress under Provision V, Article 11 7 of the Criminal Code of Georgia. Yesterday evening, on August 27, a 51-year-old stabbed a 3-year-old passer-by in the street, on Pekini Avenue. The reason behind the detainee’s action is unknown.

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia Via Georgia Today



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