• The incident began when 6-year-old Colton was playing with a foam frisbee in an “unsafe” manner
  • After having the frisbee taken Colton tried to stop his teacher Natalie Harrison from calling the office by grabbing her wrist
  • Harrison claims she felt threatened and is pursuing battery charges through USD 259 to have Colton expelled

A father in Wichita, Kansas was shocked to find out his 6-year-old son Colton is facing expulsion from Earhart Environmental Magnet after an altercation with one of his teachers during recess.

What Happened

Cory Smith made a post to his Facebook explaining the situation. According to Smith, Colton’s teacher claims he caused her fear and charged him with battery through USD 259. The incident began after Colton was playing with a foam frisbee in an “unsafe” manner. The teacher, Natalie Harrison, removed the foam frisbee at which point the incident began to escalate.

As can be expected, Colton began to throw a fit after having the frisbee taken. According to Smith, Harrison first tried to call the “in-school psychologist” who was not available. Harrison then decided to call the office and Colton tried to stop her by grabbing her wrist. This action is apparently what caused the fear and led Harrison to charge the 6-year-old with battery.

From Student Of The Week To Battery And Expulsion

Discuss spoke to Smith, who says his son is completely heartbroken. Colton does not have any disabilities or behavioral issues they know of at this time aside from a speech impediment commonly referred to as “tongue-tied.” Smith says Colton is in the first grade and had no similar issues in kindergarten and even received the student of the week award just last week. The idea that his son is now facing a possible expulsion is anything but what he expected.

According to Harrison’s report, Colton was “not being safe” with the foam frisbee. After she removed the frisbee from Colton she gave it to another student to carry inside after recess ended. Harrison claims Colton tried to take the frisbee from the other student. Colton then went to the back of the line and was allegedly “being rough with another student.” When Harrison told Colton to keep his hands to himself he responded by yelling “I am not doing anything.”

Harrison claims to have tried to talk to Colton but he continued to repeatedly scream that he was not doing anything. She claims Colton threw sand at her feet. Harrison says she told Colton she would talk to him after he calmed down. She decided she needed help to control the 6-year-old child and decided to call the office. Harrison says Colton “grabbed her wrists 4 times” trying to stop her from calling the office. After another teacher witnessed the incident and came to assist. Colton kept a distance from the other teacher and began screaming he did not want to go inside without Harrison. Colton eventually went inside and walked to the office with the other teacher.

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Expulsion Hearing

According to paperwork given to Smith, Colton now faces an expulsion hearing on September 23. Smith claims the school told him they have no choice since Colton placed his hands on Harrison. The principal for the school was not available for comment.

Colton Expulsion by discuss on Scribd

Smith is confused and shocked by the entire situation. He does not understand why the school feels expelling a 6-year-old is the first route before a suspension or any other disciplinary action. Colton’s parents are in disbelief that he went from student of the week last week to battery allegations and a possible expulsion. It is without question they feel as if the school could have handled the situation better.

Me and my wife went out our way to make sure we get our kids into the schools that we thought fit what they are passionate about. Right now I feel heartbroken for my son and let down by a school that looks to be so great on the surface.

Cory Smith



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