• On September 21, Mike Shatz uploaded a picture of Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell to Facebook and thanked him for the new baseball stadium
  • Longwell requested to be tagged in the picture likely not noticing the giant translucent penis next to his face
  • Over his tenure as mayor, Longwell has been engulfed in shady business practices and strained relationships with city services

Towards the end of September, political activist Mike Shatz executed a prank on Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell that went surprisingly unnoticed. Shatz managed to get Longwell to tag himself in a picture with a giant translucent penis next to his face.

Thanks For The New Baseball Stadium

Longwell has been at the center of a questionable deal to bring a Minor League Baseball team to the city. City leaders caught a lot of backlash from the public after deciding to sell four acres of land surrounding the $75 million baseball stadium being constructed to Wichita Riverfront LP for $1 an acre.

Wichita Riverfront is connected to Lou Schwechheimer, the principal owner of the team coming to Wichita, the New Orleans Baby Cakes. Seeing the backlash Longwell had been receiving Shatz decided to make a post thanking Longwell for the new baseball stadium. “Share to thank Mayor Jeff Longwell for getting us a new baseball stadium ❤,” Shatz wrote on September 21.

Is That A Dick

The post seemed like a nice gesture, and at a glance you would not notice anything was off. But if you take a closer look at the image you will notice a giant translucent penis next to Longwell’s head. Discuss spoke to Shatz, who said the message he was trying to send is “Jeff Longwell is a dick!”

Jeff Longwell Asked To Tag Your Photo

Shatz is one of the many that have been forced to make an alternate account on Facebook due to the irrational month-long bans that seem to be running on an incredibly flawed algorithm. From his “Dave Smith” account, Shatz triumphantly posted that he had got Longwell to request to be tagged in the same picture that had a giant dick next to his face. Shatz graciously accepted the request to be tagged.

Penis Cake

Last year Shatz and I were named in a local article after a Facebook post offering to give Longwell a penis-shaped cake got slightly out of hand. What started as a joke became something that may still become a reality while Longwell is still in office. Longwell is currently up for election and is running against State Representative Brandon Whipple. Wichita is holding general elections for mayor and three of the six city council seats are on November 5.

Shady Business Practices And Strained Relationships

It would appear Shatz is not the only one that disapproves of Longwell’s tenure as mayor. Following a strained relationship between law enforcement and city leadership, the Fraternal Order of Police in Wichita recently gave their endorsement to Whipple. FOP President Robert Schmeidler said in a statement, “The fact the FOP Wichita Lodge 5, representing the rank and file officers of Wichita, supports the challenger should speak volumes.” Longwell’s relationship with the city’s fire department has been equally strained due to funding issues.

To make matters worse for Longwell, just a month before the election he has found himself in yet another situation engulfed in shady business practices forcing the Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office to open an investigation. The investigation follows a blistering article from the Wichita Eagle that accused Longwell of steering a $524 million contract to build a new water plant for treating drinking water to his political supporters, golf partners, and friends.

A city selection committee unanimously recommended awarding the contract to Jacobs Engineering, one of the nation’s best design firms that specialize in water treatment plants. Instead, the city council decided to give the contract to Wichita Water Partners under Longwell’s guidance. City staff showed concern that the selected group had been requesting advice on how to run Wichita’s water plant from the company blamed for the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

Longwell has responded to the article, calling it an “unfair assessment.” The investigation accused Longwell of attending shady dinner meetings and golfing with individuals related to the contract after bidding had opened. Longwell claims his relationship with parties involved did not direct the decision to choose the less experienced design firm. The district attorney released a statement on Thursday afternoon saying they will open an investigation after receiving multiple emails with concerns from the Wichita Eagle’s article.

The Office of the District Attorney received multiple emails Tuesday from a single individual setting forth concerns related to the article related to Mayor Longwell in Sunday’s edition of the Wichita Eagle. The concerns expressed are being investigated by the Office of the District Attorney.

Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office Via KWCH

When asked if he was surprised that the Mayor tagged himself, Shatz said that he suspects the Mayor “tags himself” quite often.


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