At the 25th Automobilia Moonlight Charity Car Show & Street Party, one car owner ran into an embarrassing situation after his car’s rims were repossessed at the show.

The Facebook page “Wichita Street Fights” posted an image showing the repo men removing the rims from the car. “When you don’t pay your wheel and tire bill they will come get you even if you’re at a Car Show. 😲,” the caption read.

When you don't pay your wheel and tire bill they will come get you even if you're at a Car Show. 😲#wichitaawesome#rnrtireexpress

Posted by Wichita Street Fights on Saturday, July 13, 2019

The car was left to sit on blocks for the rest of the show. Some believed the vintage ride was left to sit on the ground, but a woman attending the show posted another picture of the car after the rims were removed. In the picture you can see the car is indeed on small blocks.

The owner of the car is Randy Lee Berndt, who also owns Auto Glass Specialist Of Wichita. A former employee of Berndt’s claimed to discuss there were a lot of shady practices that occurred during his time working for the company, such as being paid in cash under the table over the entire span of his employment.

The former employee also said he had issues with Berndt allegedly hiring drug users and people with serious criminal histories. Kansas Department of Corrections shows Berndt served time for aggravated sexual battery. If the allegations from his former employee of shady businesses practices are true, it is not surprising his rims were repossessed in front of everyone attending the car show.


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