• The American Addiction Center conducted a study to determine what cities have the highest drug use based on data from the CDC
  • Omaha, Wichita, Tulsa, and Oklahoma City were the only four cities to rank in the top ten for cannabis, cocaine, heroin, and meth use
  • Omaha and Phoenix are in close runnings for the highest percentage of drug users in the country

America has some serious issues with drug addiction with no clear answers in sight. The American Addiction Center conducted a study to figure out the cities where cannabis, meth, heroin, and cocaine use is most prominent.

American Addiction Center’s Study On Meth, Heroin, And Cocaine Use

According to the AAC, the study “analyzed data for 51 metropolitan areas throughout the United States.” The study ranked each cities’ substance abuse based on the percentage of the population that admitted to using each drug. The data used for the study came from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Out of the 51 cities, only four consecutively appeared on each list. Those cities included Wichita, Kansas, Omaha, Nebraska, and Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Despite having a lower population than other cities, Wichita ranked surprisingly high in all categories.

Cannabis Use

Cannabis is the most commonly used drug in the country with at least 60% of citizens in each city trying it at least once. Omaha had the highest percentage, followed by Mesa, Arizona, and Tulsa. Oklahoma City came in tenth.

Cocaine Use

According to AAC, cocaine is the second most commonly used drug in the United States. Phoenix, Arizona had the highest percentage of cocaine use in the country at 23.3%. Not far behind was Mesa, 22.5%, and Omaha, 22.2%. The top ten cities all had over 20% of citizens trying the drug before. Fresno, California came in tenth with 21.8%.

Heroin Use

Despite a serious opiate problem plaguing America for years, heroin was the least used drug out of the data analyzed. Heroin is more commonly becoming the go-to drug after addiction takes hold from prescription pain killers. In the top ten cities, only 3% to 3.4% of citizens claimed to have tried heroin. Omaha tied with Indianapolis, Indiana, at 3.4%. Columbus, Ohio, barely came in third-highest percentage at 3.3%. Wichita was tenth at 3% of citizens trying heroin at least once.

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Methamphetamine Use

Experts used in the study ranked methamphetamine as the most dangerous drug available to the public. Methamphetamine use is four times higher than heroin use in the majority of cities on the list. Phoenix ranked the highest at 15.1% of citizens saying they tried methamphetamines at least once. Mesa was ranked second highest with 14.1% and Omaha came up in third at 14%.

Overall Drug Use

In general, the study claimed the top ten cities with the most drug usage to be Colorado Springs, Colorado, Las Vegas, Nevada, Mesa, Phoenix, Omaha, Wichita, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Indianapolis not in that order.

Meth Heroin And Cocaine Use


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