• Jaccoy Randall has been posting videos to social media where he threatens civilians, police officers, and politicians
  • In one of the videos, Randall puts an unloaded gun to his head and shows several other weapons as he makes verbal threats
  • Randall is currently charged with criminal threats against an LEO and criminal threats

In Wichita, Kansas, a man named Jaccoy Randall is charged with criminal threats against an LEO and criminal threats from a video on social media. In the video Randall claims he is “the Joker in real-life” and threatens former neighbor Shani Howe, Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsay, current Mayor Brandon Whipple, former mayor Carl Brewer, and a long list of other people.

Jaccoy Randall “The Joker In Real-Life”

Randall posted the video to his Facebook account—which has a picture of the Joker as the profile picture—on January 16. Randall appears to be trying to mimic Heath Ledger’s Joker voice from the Dark Knight and refers to the Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie. At the very beginning of the video, Randall goes after Brewer and refers to his 3-year-old grandson who was murdered by his mother Miranda Miller, and her boyfriend, Stephen Bodine in 2017.

Throughout the video Randall compares Ramsay to the fictional police commissioner for Gotham City in the Batman series, Commissioner Gordon. He also notes that Whipple has the same initials as Batman’s secret identity, Bruce Wayne. At one point Randall claims his eyes turn colors, and when the green comes out that is the Joker. Randall says to watch Joker and listen to the Eminem song “The Monster” to “understand where he is coming from.”

You Wanna See Something Funny

While the video may seem like the rambling empty threats of a madman, at one point Randall does show he has multiple weapons. “You wanna see something funny?” Randall asks. He then reaches underneath him and pulls out a pistol. Randall waves the pistol and asks, “you wanna hear something funny? This is funny.” He then says, “This is how funny I am,” as he puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger. Randall then reveals the gun was not loaded.

Randall shows the pistol is real then says, “It’s the pistol that’s gonna make the funny joke. Cause it will be ending everything once reality comes. When it comes down to your officers doing wrong.” He claims he is an active gang member, constitutionalist, and a patriot and admits to being “sick” both mentally and physically.

A History Of Violence

While some may view Randall and just another crazy person on social media, Howe says she is concerned over the recent threats. Howe was Randall’s neighbor in the early 2000s and recalls Randall trying to fight her then-teenage daughter. The incident resulted in a fight between Randall and her daughter’s boyfriend and another individual. Randall and the boyfriend were both arrested for the incident. He was an adult when he tried to fight Howe’s teenage daughter.

Howe had not seen Randall since around 2012 until an incident last year on the 4th of July. Randall walked around the corner to visit with his friends who live in the same complex Howe lives in. Howe was standing outside visiting neighbors when she realized Randall was there. She claims Randall went to his vehicle and grabbed a gun after he recognized her. Howe went inside her residence before anything could transpire.

Howe is named in several of Randall’s videos. She has no idea why she is one of Randall’s many targets but it does make her nervous. Howe says she has always known Randall to be a little bit off but his recent behavior on social media is extremely concerning. She said detectives told her they were not sure if they could pursue charges based on the videos and could not let her know if Randall is released from jail.

Joker Sukanutso

Randall also has a YouTube channel under the name “Joker Sukanutso.” The channel image is the same Joker picture from his Facebook profile. Randall began uploading videos to the channel last year. Some of the videos on the channel include, “Fuck the world,” “Kansas cops are a f****** joke and that means Wichita Police in Sedgwick County,” and “Gene ocelot and kansas pussy now its time.”

According to Sedgwick County Jail records, Randall is currently in jail but detectives told Howe he could be released at any time and they would not be able to notify her of his release. This adds to Howe’s concerns since she is one of the main targets in Randall’s deranged videos.



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