• Early Sunday morning 22-year-old Elbert Costello Jr was killed in a drive-by shooting
  • A 24-year-old was taken to the hospital in serious condition in a private vehicle
  • Elbert Costello went on Facebook to request no retaliation for his son’s murder

A father in Wichita, Kansas went to social media to request peace following his son’s death in a drive-by shooting early Sunday morning.

Wichita police say they responded to a call of a drive-by shooting around 3:20 am at an apartment complex near 21st and Woodlawn. Officers arrived and found 22-year-old Elbert Costello Jr dead at the scene. A 24-year-old male was also shot and driven to the hospital in critical condition.

Investigators say they believe two groups of people shot at each other in the parking lot of the apartment complex causing damages to apartment buildings and vehicles. Police do not have any suspect descriptions as of yet.

The death of Costello Jr prompted his father, Elbert Costello to make a post on his Facebook requesting no retaliation happen over the death of his son. Costello is well-known in the community. In the post, Costello stated how easy it would be to go on a “killing spree and turn this city upside down.” After asking if it would be worth it, Costello said the words no parent should have to say, “I still won’t get my son back.”

Costello went on to request that out of respect to him and his grieving family for there to be no retaliation for his son’s death. A request that shouldn’t have to be made, but unfortunately is necessary. Discuss spoke to Costello who said he heard the shooting and had a gut feeling it was his son who had been shot. After driving around the city for hours, Costello’s fears were confirmed.



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