• A neighbor of the dog’s owners found him on July 4 while going to give the dog water
  • The neighbor claims her family often gave the dog food and water due to neglect
  • Later in the day, the dog’s owners tried to dump the body in a lake behind their houses

WARNING: This article contains graphic content that may be offensive to some audiences.

In Wichita, Kansas, Amya Pineda is accused of being responsible for her dog’s death after leaving him outside without access to shade or water on a day when the temperature climbed into the 90s. An outraged family is now demanding justice for the deceased dog.

On Saturday, July 4, Pineda’s neighbor took to social media after she found the dog dead and tangled in the tether to the back porch. Serenity Goodman alleges the dog had been neglected for weeks in the heat. She claims her family has been feeding and watering him while being neglected outside. Goodman stated the dog had been tied up to where he could barely get off the concrete to use the bathroom in the grass. She found the dog had died when she went to provide him water.

Goodman also uploaded several pictures of the deceased dog and the small area he was restricted to. Regarding her overall complaint of Pineda’s lifestyle, Goodman also uploaded a picture of their overflowing trash can.

“Wichita animal control showed up and took photos of the dog and said they couldn’t remove the dog until someone was home.” They also said, “they would be issuing a ticket for animal abuse/neglect,” according to Goodman. However, once Pineda returned home, neighbors saw them take the dog’s body in a playpen in the direction of the lake behind the homes.

Goodman made another post update after witnessing the deceased dog being placed in a playpen and dumped in the water behind the house. “THEY DRAGGED THE DEAD DOG IN A BABY PEN TO THE LAKE OUT BACK OUR HOUSES AND DUMPED IT IN THE WATER,” Goodman wrote.

Later that evening, Goodman’s brother, Colton Falconburg, and another neighbor went to see if they could find the dog. Falconburg took a video of the dog’s body dumped. It also shows drag marks from the legs of the playpen leading from the home. Goodman said, “the dog was not dumped in the water. Dragged out in a playpen, which is on their back porch currently.”

On Sunday morning, Pineda made a post on social media about the neighbor’s pictures and accusations. She said they left and were only supposed to be gone for thirty minutes but her father ended up keeping them a few hours. Pineda claims, “Our neighbors were making a post COMPLETELY lying about us and I don’t know what to do because we fucking loved that baby so much. I was really upset and wasn’t thinking so I thought it would be nice to let him rest in piece by the lake.” She said the police came and just told them they had to go get and move his body but they “were COMPLETELY cool about it.”

In the comment section of her post, Pineda claimed the deceased dog was dumped in the lake because she is a “spiritual person” and believed “nature is the best way.”

Pineda removed the post from her Facebook shortly after making it. Pineda’s friend on social media told discuss she had made a post trying to get rid of the dog just before the death. When asked about trying to give the dog away Pineda claimed she was trying to find him a “more playful home.” Pineda removed the post trying to give the dog away after the death.

Falconburg said in a comment to discuss, “well I guess what we need to find out is if the Wichita Police Department actually stated to her if they removed the dog from the lake property they wouldn’t be charged because apparently, that’s what Amya stated on Facebook.” No one could be reached at the Wichita animal control for a statement. Goodman had a protest at her home today and now has a petition up to try to get some attention on this. So far the petition has reached 567 signatures of the 1,000 signature goal.


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