• An intelligence briefing for the Federal Protective Service claims to have monitored white supremacists discussing weaponizing COVID-19
  • In the discussions on Telegram, white supremacist extremists focused on law enforcement and minorities as their main targets
  • According to FTP, putting COVID-19 in a spray bottle and spraying it in the face of law enforcement was discussed, along with committing crimes and leaving infected items for detectives

An intelligence brief from the Federal Protective Service, part of the Department of Homeland Security, claims that white supremacists were discussing weaponizing COVID-19 to infect law enforcement and minorities.

The intelligence brief is dated February 21, which means some of the members of the white supremacy movement were taking COVID-19 more seriously than much of our government over the last two months. The intelligence brief does not name a specific group, instead referring to them as White Racially Motivated Violent Extremists (WRMVEs).

According to the FPS, white supremacists using Telegram felt it was an “OBLIGATION” to spread COVID-19 should any of them contract the virus. The primary targeting focused on law enforcement and minority communities, but there were mentions of contaminating public places in general. WRMVEs used terms such as “corona-chan,” “bowlronavirus,” and “boogaflu” when discussing the virus. Boogaflu is a modification of the term “boogaloo” and bowlronavirus is a reference to Dylann Roof.

The ways of distributing the virus discussed on Telegram included spending as much time as possible in public with their “enemies,” visiting FBI offices and leaving saliva on door handles, spraying saliva in law enforcement officers’ faces with a spray bottle, committing crimes such as arson or shootings and leave contaminated items at the scene for detectives to find, and spitting on elevator buttons. One of the targets was non-white neighborhoods.

The brief said the possible threat could likely happen “due to the fact that WRMVEs have been known to travel abroad to adapt foreign terrorists’ tactics (FTOs).” The brief went on to say it is “likely that they would be willing to travel to China to bring the coronavirus back to the U.S.” The statement suggests the conversations could have happened as early as January before there were any substantial cases in America.

White Supremacist Corona by Sharon Weinberger on Scribd

Those involved in the discussion were said to be supporters of James Mason, Siege culture, and Accelerationism. Accelerationism on its own is a dangerous belief based on the idea that a collapse of society is both imminent and necessary. To help provoke a societal collapse, supporters of accelerationism believe in conducting extremist acts that provoke a larger social conflict. Breton Tarrant — the New Zealand mosque shooter — believed in accelerationism and spoke of it in his manifesto that he posted right before the mass shooting.

James Mason’s writings titled Siege, a compilation of his neo-Nazi essays, predict “the end of society is accelerating” due to “the entire foundation itself is thoroughly corroded.” Mason has created a following of those who believe in his “Siege culture” philosophies. He uses his belief of the end being near as the basis for his call for violent acts to expedite the inevitable collapse. Mason’s writings have become popular within the violent neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen Division and its offshoots.

At this juncture social malaise cannot be halted, only accelerated onward to the abyss, capitulating the whole vile episode of this end cycle.

James Mason Via ADL


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