• On Saturday Instagram user Whiskey_Warrior_556 was involved in a six-hour police standoff in Mahopac, New York
  • Whiskey_Warrior_556 was later identified as 28-year-old veteran Alexander Booth
  • Social media users believed Booth was being harassed over the NYSAFE Act or possibly the victim of a “Red Flag” gun confiscation
  • According to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department, the incident was related to a prior domestic violence incident involving Booth

Instagrammers watched as a 28-year-old user by the name of Whiskey_Warrior_556 gave live updates of a just over six-hour police standoff that ended peacefully around 9:30 pm on Saturday in Mahopac, New York.

Whiskey Warrior 556 AKA Alex Booth

Whiskey_Warrior_556 was later identified by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department as Alexander Booth. Booth claimed he was the victim of a “Red Flag” gun confiscation. Rumors online spread that Booth was either a victim of a Red Flag confiscation or the NYSAFE Act. Users on Reddit and other social media platforms quickly began rallying behind Booth believing a veteran’s gun rights were under attack.

On Booth’s Instagram he claims to be an Afghanistan Veteran and a Libertarian. Throughout his posts are numerous anti-tyranny and pro-gun images. Throughout the police standoff Booth posted short videos and pictures from giving updates on the situation.

Red Coats Fuck Off

In the first video clips Booth is seen standing on what appears to be an outside deck area. Booth says to his followers, “For the record, I have no guns on me what-so-ever. Magazines, empty. Hashtag SHGI, taco, boogaloo. Whoop Whoop!” In the next video Booth is seen hanging out a window. He asks, “What do you call a cop that enforces gun laws? A red coat faggot!” He then pans his camera before saying “red coats fuck off.”

Booth is holding a glass in the majority of the videos and claims to be drinking. According to Heavy, Booth was first deployed to Afghanistan when he was 19 and described it as “one of the most shitty hostile places on the planet. My experience there help make me the man I am today.”


After a series of videos attacking gun laws and anyone who enforces them, Booth began posting images. One image has an area circled and reads “Fucking redcoats,” “APC on American sol,” and “#BOOGALOO.” In the next picture, Booth’s face cannot be seen but a caption on the video reads, “Update: I told the negotiator get me something in writing that I won’t do jail time or there will be blood.”

Booth then uploaded a screenshot with a top caption that read, “Me VS the negotiator.” In the screenshot is another screenshot and three messages that read, “Save lives,” “Stop the game,” “This won’t end the way you think.” Another image shows Booth clearly concerned. A caption at the top of the screen reads, “Read coats are threatening to turn off the Internet/cell phone if I don’t comply.” A second caption bigger caption reads, “Please help… I want a peaceful resolution.” According to some Reddit users Booth’s Internet was shut off.

Town Carmel Police Department

According to a statement from the Town of Carmel Police Department released via the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department, an officer arrived at 50 Putnam Drive at 2:19 pm to investigate a previous domestic violence incident. The officer claimed to have heard a gunshot from inside the residence and called for backup. Police say Booth was seen in his doorway “acting in an agitated state” before he entered back into his garage apartment and barricading himself inside. Officers on the scene evacuated the neighboring residences and called for the Putnam County Emergency Response Team and Negotiation Team.

Negotiators were able to make contact with Booth. Booth was convinced to surrender after six hours of negotiations. Despite claims on social media, police claim no weapons or ammunition feeding devises were found or seized following the standoff. Booth was arrested for a felony warrant that was issued by Town Justice Jacobells related to the domestic violence incident. Booth was charged with Penal Law 140.25 Burglary 2nd Degree a class C felony; 140.15 Criminal Trespass a class A misdemeanor; 215.50 Criminal Contempt 2nd degree a class A misdemeanor; 240.30 Aggravated Harassment 2nd degree a class A misdemeanor; 155.25 Petit Larceny a class A misdemeanor.

Chief Michael Cazzari of the Carmel Police told News 12 Westchester “This is a person in crisis, having mental illness, having issues and he didn’t need the people on social media telling him that his rights are being violated.” Cazzari went on to say, “He needed help. Medical help.”


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