What does it take to go viral on social media? Many have put themselves through hell in hopes of catching Internet attention but it seems a majority of the people we see go viral do not even mean to. Such appears to be the case with Leone Fabio.

Looking through Fabio’s Facebook account it would appear his viral fame can be traced back to a profile picture uploaded on September 21. Since being uploaded, the picture has been shared over 63,000 times, reacted to over 50,000 times, and there is currently over 35,000 comments.

Looking at the picture it is strangely understandable why the Internet would chose Fabio as the newest viral social media attention. Fabio is seen standing over a camera and wearing a pair of underwear that he possibly cut the ass out of.

Leone Fabio

Fabio’s account is a perfect balance of softcore porn and cats. Yes cats. Hours before posting his viral profile picture, Fabio posted a picture of what appears to be a little kitty house he made out of cardboard for a small grey kitten. The caption reads, ” It was successful ☺️☺️☺️” according to Facebook translator.

Who Is Leone Fabio

The name Leone Fabio is a likely play on Italian singer Fabio Tordiglione. Professionally Tordiglione was known as “Fabio Lione.” Tordiglione was the singer of power metal band Rhapsody of Fire for 21 years. From there Tordiglione played in Turilli/Lione Rhapsody, Labyrinth, Vision Divine and is currently the singer of Angra.


Fabio also has an Instagram account which follows the same perfect balance of softcore porn and cats. His Instagram appears to be growing as well following his viral fame on Facebook.

View this post on Instagram


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Fabio also has a YouTube channel that seems to be picking up some. The channel appears to be a vlog but he does not speak English. In the video below it is safe to guess he is talking about a magazine photo shoot.



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