• A video uploaded to Facebook shows a group of women throwing unidentified objects at a homeless man in downtown Wichita
  • The video was originally recorded to Snapchat before being recorded and uploaded to Facebook
  • Facebook users were quick to identify the women in the video and the Wichita Police Department has opened an investigation

A video going viral on social media shows at least two women attacking a homeless man in Wichita, Kansas by throwing unidentified objects at him. The video has lead to an investigation by the Wichita Police Department that could lead to several arrests.

The Video

The video of the attack was originally recorded to Snapchat by a user named “Alize.” The video appears to have been screen-captured from Snapchat and uploaded to Facebook by Paola Lopez where it began going viral.

The video starts with the Snapchat user laughing into his phone and saying “What the fuck” before flipping the camera and laughing. As he laughs three women are seen laughing as one of them throws an unknown object at a homeless man.

One of the women is seen running back while laughing as the other two continue aggressively approaching the man. The man recording is heard shouting, “Hey, leave him alone.” The homeless man is seen trying to get away from the attackers as they chase him out of the view of the video while laughing.

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Facebook Users Identify The Women

Outraged Facebook users quickly identified two of the women in the video as Jasmine Rodriguez and Vanesa Rodriguez. The male Snapchat user is said to be Angel Issac Rodriguez. Screenshots of Jasmine and Vanesa’s Facebook accounts were shared in the comments on Lopez’s post, but both accounts appear to have since been disabled.

Before Jasmine’s account was disabled she made a post claiming “you guys do not know everything that happened.” Jasmine claims the “homeless guy kept on trying to get inside the car and shit.” She goes on to claim Angel only recorded half of the situation.

Vanesa echoed Jasmine’s claim in a screenshot of a message between her and another Facebook user. In the message exchange, Vanesa accuses the homeless man of “tweaking” and repeatedly trying to get into her car. She also claims the homeless man would not leave them alone.

A screenshot of comments from Angel tells a different story. Angel wrote, “I told them to quit we ditched that girl after they was too fucked up.” He goes on to write, “They got us into hella problems tonight.” Angel goes on to claim the attack happened because the homeless man “looked at em.” Obviously the video circulating on social media makes Angel’s story the most credible.

Attacking A Homeless Man

The WPD is aware of the video and has opened an investigation. The attack comes a week after 59-year-old Bernard Woodard was found beaten to death in downtown Wichita. Woodard was a homeless man known in the homeless community. A jogger found Woodard’s body under the east side of the Douglas Bridge. Police are requesting the public to report any information regarding Woodard’s death.


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