• Another inmate has died inside the Mississippi Department of Corrections
  • The inmate died at Marshall County Correctional Facility on Saturday night
  • Video from an inmate claims the Marshall County inmate was left dead for hours

Another death has been confirmed inside the broken Mississippi Department of Corrections. The most recent death occurred in the Marshall County prison.

Marshall County Coroner Confirms Latest Death

The death was confirmed by Marshall County Coroner James Anderson. Anderson said he was called to the Marshall County Correctional Facility at around 8:45 p.m. on Saturday.

The body has been sent to the state examiner in Pearl, Mississippi. At this time no information has been released about the identity of the inmate or the cause of death.

Video Claims Marshall County Inmate Was Dead For Hours

Hours before the death was confirmed, inmates claimed the inmate was left dead in what appears to be a general holding area for hours. The video starts by showing an inmate the person recording claims is deceased. “We still trying to get the people to come in here,” the inmate says.

The inmate pans his camera up to show a group of inmates banging on the windows trying desperately to get the attention of correctional officers. “All of a sudden no staff. We can’t get anybody present,” the inmate claims. “We got a man that’s been laying here for hours. He’s been laying here for hours.”

This makes almost a dozen deaths inside the Mississippi prison system since an eruption of gang violence that started at the end of December and continued into January. The Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman has been at the center of numerous deaths, constitutional rights violations, and now a third class-action lawsuit since 1971. Inmates have been leaking videos to social media ever since the major disturbance in December that resulted in a statewide prison lockdown.


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