• A video has gone viral showing gas station owners attacking female customers in Pittsburgh
  • The confrontation began over a faulty gas pump that the owners refused to issue a refund for
  • Pittsburgh police say the store owners and employee have been arrested and could possibly face more severe charges

Multiple people have been arrested for their role in a fight at a Pittsburgh gas station. The video was uploaded to social media and has since gone viral and has led to protests at the gas station.

What Happened

The main video showed a lengthy confrontation in which multiple males are seen fighting with multiple females. The store owner can be seen striking one of the females in the back of the head multiple times. An employee can be seen grabbing one of the females by her hair and dragging her across the pavement.

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The Fight Started Over $17 Of Spilled Gas

According to police, video from the gas station’s security camera showed a female customer initiating the confrontation inside the store before it moved outside. The fight began as a verbal confrontation over $17 worth of spilled gas. The female customer claimed a pump malfunctioned and demanded a refund. The store owners refused to give a refund at which point things turned physical.

After investigating police determined that assault charges should be placed against the store owners and the employee. Paperwork was submitted to the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office on Friday night. The DA will decide if the charges should rise above simple assault to aggravated assault. If so, the paperwork will be amended.

Police referred to the video that shows multiple men holding down the female customers to beat them as “disturbing.” Additional charges could still come from the incident.

The Video Caught The Attention Of ExxonMobil

By 6:00 am Saturday, angry customers had gathered outside the ExxonMobil gas station located on the 2500 block of Brighton Road. By mid-afternoon, more than 100 people had gathered at the ExxonMobil. It is not clear if the gas station was going to open again on Sunday. The incident has caught enough attention that ExxonMobil issued a response. ExxonMobil does not own and operate retail gas stations.

ExxonMobil does not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment by any company representative.

ExxonMobil’s global policies promote diversity and inclusion and prohibit any form of discrimination or harassment in any company workplace, anywhere around the world.

Jeremy Elkenberry ExxonMobile Spokesperson



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