• An extremely disturbing video shows 36-year-old Dennis Galli viciously beating his wife Heather Ortiz in front of a young girl
  • Galli is seen punching Ortiz at least five time during which she falls into a ladder and he throws her to the ground
  • The video was uploaded to Facebook last week but some commenting claim the attack happened in February

An extremely disturbing video on Facebook allegedly shows 36-year-old Dennis Galli viciously beating his wife Heather Ortiz.

What Happened

The video was uploaded to Facebook by Russell Howard last week. It has received over 700,000 views since being uploaded.

In the video, Ortiz and Galli are seen walking through a garage. A young girl is seen walking in front of the couple. Ortiz turns around and faces Galli and he grabs her by the head and shakes her before throwing her back. The young girl is seen looking back then quickly walking towards the garage door then continues to watch the violent attack.

Ortiz is seen swinging at Galli. She slaps him in the face at which point Galli punches her five times, knocking her into a ladder. Galli throws Ortiz into miscellaneous items in the garage before putting her on the ground. He then appears to be on top of her and possibly strangling her. The young girl stands helplessly while she watches the brutal attack.

The Couple Received Their Marriage License In April

According to Galli’s Facebook, the couple has been together since last year. Arkansas state records show the couple got their marriage license in April of this year. The marriage license claims both to be from Jackonsville, Arkansas but there are reasons to believe the couple may live in Russellville.

At the time of this article, it is unclear if law enforcement in the area is aware of the video. A Facebook user that claims to know the couple says this incident occurred in February. Not only did Ortiz stay with Galli after the attack, but the Facebook user also claims she was pregnant at the time of the attack. If the claim is true, that would mean the attack occurred before the couple received their marriage license.

The Facebook user goes on to claim that Galli is ex-military and trained in martial arts and that Galli already lost custody of his other four kids. Galli has at least four different Facebook accounts. On one account Galli claims to be “Former Infantry at 25th Infantry Division in his intro. Images from the account appear to match the claim. The Intro also says Galli is from Russellville, Arkansas.


  1. The police are aware. He has not been arrested as of today. I have not seen any charges filed however if he is charged with a misdemeanor it wouldn’t be available online. The grandmother of the child in the video filed an Order of Protection against him in Pulaski County after the video went viral.


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