• A video shared to social media shows a female officer shooting a suspect at the Grand station on the CTA Red Line
  • Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said the video was “extremely disturbing” in a tweet on Friday
  • The Cook County State’s Attorney Office requested the FBI to assist in an investigation into the shooting
  • A male officer can be heard telling a female officer repeatedly to “shoot him”
  • The suspect was shot in the abdomen and the buttocks and was in critical but stable condition
  • The two officers were removed from street duty and placed on desk duty while an investigation is conducted

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has joined an investigation into a Chicago police shooting that has gone viral online. The shooting occurred on Friday around 4:00 pm while officers were trying to arrest a man at the Grand station on the CTA Red Line.

“Shoot Him”

A bystander recorded a video of the shooting and uploaded it to social media. The video shows two officers struggling to arrest the man near an escalator. As soon as the video starts, a male officer is wrestling with the unidentified suspect on the ground. The officer says, “Shoot him.” The suspect responds by looking at a female officer on the scene and saying, “No, no, no, no.”

The male officer says again, “shoot him.” The suspect again responds by saying “no, no, no, no.” “Stop resisting,” the male officer says. The female officer begins trying to handcuff the suspect. Both officers begin trying to get the suspect detained as the male officer is heard saying “stop resisting.”

The suspect manages to get to his feet. The male officer says again, “shoot him.” The female officer pulls her service weapon and begins yelling commands. As she is yelling commands, she fires one shot. The suspect manages to run up the stairs as the officers pursue him. Once the suspect and officers are on the upper level and out of camera view a second shot is heard.

The suspect was taken to Northwest Memorial Hospital where he reportedly remained in critical but stable condition. Gloria Schmidt, an attorney representing the suspect, told CNN he suffered a gunshot wound to the abdomen and the buttocks area. Schmidt said he will have to undergo more than one surgery.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said the video was “extremely disturbing” in a tweet on Friday. “With the strong caveat that one perspective does not depict the entirety of the incident, the video is extremely disturbing and the actions by these officers are deeply concerning,” Lightfoot wrote.

The two officers were pulled from street duty and placed on administrative duty until an investigation is completed. The Chicago Police Department requested the Cook County State’s Attorney Office get involved. It was reported the State’s Attorney requested assistance from the FBI. The Civilian Office of Police Accountability will also be investigating the shooting. At this time it is not clear if the officers’ body cameras were recording.

The police shooting occurred the same day Lightfoot announced the new CTA safety plan which consists of dedicating 50 officers with GPS technology to the CTA system. This is the first time officers will be using tracking technology on individual officers and will allow for dispatchers to deploy officers closest to a disturbance. The plan is expected to begin on March 4.


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