• On Sunday morning, Brandon Clark uploaded pictures to Instagram and Discord after he had murdered Bianca Devins
  • Social media users called police after seeing the pictures and Clark ended up calling as well
  • Clark stabbed himself in the throat and then laid on Devin’s body and began taking selfies as he laid on Devins while surrounded by officers
  • UPD have confirmed Clark is alive and is now charged with Second Degree Murder

Following a brutal murder that occurred Sunday morning in Utica, New York, the local police department released an official statement. The Utica Police Department confirmed that 21-year-old Brandon Clark did murder 17-year-old Bianca Devins.

According to the UPD, on July 14, at 7:20 a.m., the Oneida County Dispatch began receiving calls after Clark posted pictures of the murder on his Instagram and Discord. The calls prompted a search for Clark and Devins. Clark then called 911 and began alluding to the murder with the dispatcher. UPD determined the calls were originating on Poe Street in Utica. Clark also warned the dispatcher he was going to hurt himself.

When officers arrived on the dead-end street, they discovered a black SUV with Clark laying on the ground next to the vehicle. As the first officer on the scene began approaching Clark, he began to stab himself in the neck. Clark then laid across a green tarp “some distance away.” The officer noticed brown hair coming out from under the tarp. The officer asked Clark where Devins was at which point he said she was under the tarp. Clark then pulled out a cell phone and began taking pictures of himself laying across Devins’ body. Police say Clark was uploading the pictures to social media.

Once other officers arrived on the scene, they managed to take Clark into custody. Clark was taken to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital with severe injuries and underwent emergency surgery. Once more officers were on the scene, investigators were able to confirm pictures uploaded to both Instagram and Discord were from the scene of the crime by matching the injuries. The photos were allowed on Instagram for almost an entire day before the social media company removed them and disabled Clark’s account under the name “yesjuliet.”

According to UPD, Clark and Devins began talking on Instagram roughly two months prior to the incident. They grew a relationship through the social media platform, but police never said the two were actually in a committed relationship. Social media users have argued whether Clark was a stalker or was her boyfriend. At this point, it is safe to say Clark was not a stalker, but he was a relatively new person in Devins’ life from social media.

Police say the two attended a concert on July 13, in New York City. The two did go to the concert and arrived around 7:30 p.m. and began heading back from the concert about three hours later. Police believe the two got into an argument at the venue. Clark and Devins then headed to the Poe Street location where police would later find them.

Clark is now charged with Second Degree Murder but jail records currently do not show him in custody, most likely because he may still be in the hospital. Rumors claimed Clark died from suicide after the murder, but police did confirm that is not true. Even though he was seriously injured, he was believed he was going to live and face charges.


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