• Tusitala “Tiny” Toese has violated his probation following an altercation that occurred at CHOP
  • Toese was caught on camera attacking a man after doing a walkthrough of CHOP with a small group of Proud Boys
  • Multnomah County Department of Community Justice senior manager Lisa Lewis confirmed the warrant but would not go into detail on the exact reason
  • Toese is currently on probation in Multnomah County, Oregon for an assault that occurred in 2018

Earlier this month discuss reported on known Proud Boy scrapper Tusitala “Tiny” Toese taking part in jumping a man after appearing at CHOP shortly after Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson was seen in the area. It is now being reported that Toese is wanted for a probation violation since the incident occurred.

Rod Webber spotted both groups and approached them on Facebook LIVE. Webber first approached Gibson asking what his purpose was in CHOP. Gibson denied being at CHOP for nefarious purposes and claimed he liked what he was seeing.

Shortly after seeing Gibson, Webber spotted Toese with fellow Proud Boys Cole Scott and Zac Stagg. Toese was not as talkative as Gibson. The majority of Webber’s questions went unanswered and ignored. While Toese mainly responded with silence, Scott and Stagg were a bit more confrontational.

Toese has acted as Gibson’s righthand man and as muscle for the Proud Boys for years. Their modus operandi is simple. Gibson shows up and hypes the crowd, then Toese comes in and things become violent. Toese is known for physically assaulting counter-protesters since 2016 when Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys were formed.

Due to their history, Webber was obviously concerned with their presence at CHOP. As it turned out, Webber’s concerns were validated later in the afternoon when Toese, Scott, and Stagg returned to CHOP with a small group of Proud Boys. While shouting matches occurred, their walk through CHOP did not get physical.

It was after their walkthrough that Toese was caught on camera jumping a man with Scott, Stagg, and other unidentified Proud Boys. The victim was attacked and had his phone stolen then smashed in the middle of the street before the group jumped in a van and drove away.

In January, Toese was placed on probation for an assault that occurred in 2018 in the Northeast Portland area. Toese assaulted Timothy Ledwith with fellow Proud Boy Donovan Flippo on June 8, 2018. After shouting homophobic slurs at Ledwith while driving down the street, the two stopped the truck when he shouted something back. That was when Ledwith was attacked.

Toese was sentenced to two years probation, 80 hours of community service and had to pay Ledwith $1,800 in restitution. Flippo pleaded guilty to fourth-degree assault and served eight days in jail. A stipulation of Toese’s probation is that he cannot attend a protest in Multnomah County for two years.

Attending a protest outside of Multnomah County does not appear to be a violation of his probation. However, attacking a man could very well be. Multnomah County Department of Community Justice senior manager Lisa Lewis told the Willamette Week, “We have issued a warrant for his arrest.” It is not clear if the warrant has been issued, but it was filed by the DCJ on June 18. Lewis did not go into detail on the exact probation violation.

In January Toese claimed he was done with Gibson, the Proud Boys, protesting, and his past history of brawling as a whole. Many did not believe the claims, and after seeing Gibson and Toese in the same area shortly before an assault, it appears there was good reason to doubt his claims.



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