• A viral image of a transgender doll in Russia has sparked international outrage online
  • The doll was found in Planeta Igrushek (Planet of Toys), a toy store located in Novosibirsk, Russia
  • It is not clear if the doll violates Vladimir Putin’s 2013 anti-gay propaganda law that prohibits promoting homosexuality to children

With countless cruelties occurring around the world every day it is quite fascinating to see what causes the most outrage in people around the world. Currently, a surprising amount of social media users are stewing over a picture of a transgender doll from Russia that surfaced online.

The Transgender Doll From Russia

In the picture, the doll is seen wearing a red dress with yellow polka dots. Its long blonde hair is put in pigtails with bright yellow hair ties. At first glance, the doll would appear to be a little girl. However, in the picture, the doll’s undergarment is pulled down around her ankles to reveal male genitalia.

Transgender Doll From Russia

The picture has made its way to America where outrage over the transgender doll has continued to grow. Despite many not even realizing the picture was taken in another country, the doll has apparently become the latest threat against children all over the world.

The viral image originated from Planeta Igrushek (Planet of Toys), a toy store in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk located in south-central Russia. The anger in Russia comes with little surprise as transgender people continue to fight for acceptance due to an anti-gay propaganda law passed in 2013.

Gay Propaganda

Currently, Russia classifies transgender people as mentally ill. There are plans this year to make the necessary changes to meet the guidelines of the World Health Organization but many seem doubtful it will come to fruition. As of now, a transgender person in Russia must receive a diagnosis from a psychiatrist to access hormone treatment which pushes many towards self-medicating.

This information is extremely relevant to the viral transgender doll seen online. President Vladimir Putin’s 2013 “Gay Propaganda” law prohibits any actions that may be viewed as promoting homosexuality to minors. Overall the law has been ineffective at best but has reportedly helped fuel anti-LGBTQ beliefs around the country, which in return has led to an increase in hate crimes towards the gay community over the years. It is not clear if the viral transgender doll would violate the 2013 law.

A Transgender Doll From Argentina In 2014

Surprisingly, this is not the first transgender doll to cause international outrage. In 2014, a mother in Argentina posted a picture of a fairy doll that was branded as the world’s first transgender doll. However, the odd anatomically incorrect placement of the penis led many to believe the dolls—which were made in China—had a factory defect. While parents debated if the doll would influence their children’s sexuality, child psychologist Ricardo Rodulfo said, “It doesn’t matter to a child whether their toy has male genitalia or not. The idea causes more disturbance among adults.”

2017 Transgender Doll Fashioned Off Jazz Jennings

In 2017, many reported the world’s first transgender doll was making its debut in New York. The doll was modeled after 16-year-old LGBTQ activist Jazz Jennings—at the time the youngest documented transgender person. Kingston, New York-based Tonner Doll Company made the doll. According to Tonner’s chief executive, Robert Tonner, the toy was a part of a limited-edition test run. Tonner has a history of producing toys based on “socially transformational heroes.”

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Mattel Released Gender-Neutral Dolls Last Year

In September of last year, Mattel released what was called the world’s first gender-neutral doll. The features of the doll were made to resemble neither male or female. There were no breasts like an average Barbie or broad shoulders like an average Ken. The dolls were part of the “Creatable World” series. They were styled to look like a slender 7-year-old with short hair but came with a longhaired wig and a variety of different clothing. The slogan behind the doll, “A doll line designed to keep labels out and invite everyone in.”


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