• GOP candidate for Cheshire County Sheriff, Aria DiMezzo, claims her car was heavily vandalized after her campaign received international media attention
  • DiMezzo self-describes herself as a “polyamorous transgender Mississippian lesbian anarchist atheist” and ran under the Republican Party unopposed
  • On Sunday, DiMezzo shared an image standing next to her campaign vehicle that had the cloth top and a tire slashed and a penis spraypainted along the side of the vehicle with the word “FAG”

Within 24 hours of making international news for becoming the Republican candidate for Sheriff of Cheshire County, New Hampshire, Aria DiMezzo claims her campaign vehicle was vandalized.

News broke on Friday that DiMezzo made it through the primary for sheriff on the Republican ticket unopposed. Why was this news such a big deal? Mainly due to DiMezzo’s self-describing herself as a “polyamorous transgender Mississippian lesbian anarchist atheist.” The foundation for DiMezzo’s platform was the phrase, “Fuck the police.” She also identifies as a “high priestess” of the Reformed Satanic Church. Needless to say, it is very unlikely DiMezzo’s campaign has the blessing of the Republican Party.

DiMezzo initially wanted to run on the Libertarian Party’s ballot but she was not able to get on it. Once she learned that known GOP candidate Earl Nelson was not running, DiMezzo signed up to run under the Republican Party two days before the deadline. Nelson still managed to receive over 200 write-in votes. DiMezzo says she does not feel Republicans in the area are supportive of her campaign.

The head of the Cheshire County Republican Party, Marylin Huston, claims the GOP is not shunning DiMezzo but she has also voiced concerns over her personal beliefs. “If you look at their social media and their political statements they really do not fall in line with the Republican message,” Huston said. DiMezzo says she would like to end the prosecution of drug crimes, sex work, illegal immigration, and other “victimless” crimes.

On Sunday, DiMezzo shared that her campaign vehicle had been vandalized in an article on Free Keene. DiMezzo shared a picture of her standing next to her maroon Mitsubishi convertible. Down the passenger side door, a penis with the word “FAG” is seen in black spray paint. The front passenger tire is flat after being slashed. DiMezzo says the cloth top of her vehicle was also slashed. DiMezzo says someone also stole a presidential campaign yard sign from her front lawn that read “Fuck ’em Both” the same night her car was vandalized. A campaign sign that read “Aria DiMezzo for Sheriff F*** the Police” sign was left standing.

DiMezzo says estimates to repair the damage to her vehicle can go as high as thousands of dollars for a new paint job, cloth top, and tire. Currently, DiMezzo is working full-time at a local pizza place but is a little overwhelmed by the unexpected cost of repairs. A Go Fund Me campaign was created on Sunday to help DiMezzo with repair costs. The campaign raised over $750 out of a $2,000 goal within the first eight hours of being launched.


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