• Toronto police arrested 23-year-old Samuel Opoku for three attacks involving buckets of diarrhea
  • Opoku is charged with five counts of assault with a weapon and five counts of mischief interfere with property
  • On Tuesday night the Toronto police announced Opoku’s arrest via their Twitter account

Toronto police have arrested 23-year-old Samuel Opoku for dumping buckets of diarrhea on people on at least three different occasions with a total of five victims.

Samuel Opoku Arrested

Opoku will appear in court on Wednesday for dumping the “liquified fecal matter” on unsuspecting victims without saying a word. In each attack, Opoku would approach his victim then dump his weaponized liquid feces and run from the scene of the crime. Opoku is charged with five counts of assault with a weapon and five counts of mischief interfere with property.

Toronto police spokesman Victor Kwong told VICE that forensic teams were analyzing the buckets to determine if the substance was in fact feces. Witnesses and victims both claimed the smell to be of concentrated feces. Police announced the arrest via Twitter on Tuesday evening.

Toronto Mayor John Tory retweeted the Toronto Police Department and congratulated them for the “Great work” in arresting Opoku for the “feces attacks.” “He can’t face justice or be given help until apprehended and it seems our police have that in hand. I hope this arrest will help calm concern on campuses and across the city,” Tory went on to say.

Previous Story

A man in Toronto is believed to be behind three attacks against innocent people involving buckets of diarrhea. In each of the three attacks, the man is said to have walked up with a Home Depot bucket believed to be filled with “liquified fecal matter” and dumped it on his innocent victims without saying a word before running from the scene.

Home Depot Buckets Of Diarrhea

Most recently the man approached a woman on a sidewalk outside of a University of Toronto building near College Street and University Avenue. Without saying a word, the man walked up to her, dumped his diarrhea bucket on her, then fled the scene. The suspect is described to be a black male in his 30s with a medium build. He was wearing a yellow hard hat, a blue shirt, and gloves. The man left the empty bucket at the scene of the crime in all three instances.

On Sunday afternoon at Scott Library located on Keele Street at York University, the man entered the library carrying his bucket of diarrhea and “poured the contents of the bucket onto an unsuspecting person who was seated at a table,” according to Constable David Hopkinson. The Toronto police released a picture of the man believed to be the suspect. The possible suspect is a black male wearing a black stocking cap, blue hoodie, gloves, and a “shit-eating grin” as he carries a bucket with a piece of fabric over it. A similar incident of a man dumping diarrhea on a person occurred on Friday afternoon at the University of Toronto’s Robarts Research Library. Police believe all three incidents to be related and that they may be dealing with a mental health situation.

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