• On Monday, Amber Lynn Gilles attempted to shame a Starbucks’ employee for not serving her without a mask
  • The post backfired and went viral only to have people attacking Gilles for attacking the employee identified as “Lenin” for following company policy during a pandemic
  • Matt Cowan decided to start a Go Fund Me to act as a virtual tip for Lenin for standing his ground against Gilles
  • As of now, the Go Fund Me campaign has raised over $10,000 and Gilles has received an onslaught of ridicule across social media

In a surprising turn of events, a Go Fund Me campaign titled “Tips for Lenin Standing Up To A San Diego Karen” has raised over $10,000 since it was created on Monday.

California native Matt Cowan created the campaign after he saw a post from Amber Lynn Gilles trying to shame a Starbucks employee she identified as “lenen.” Gilles was angry after Lenin refused to serve her for not wearing a mask, which is the store’s policy.

Instead of coming to her rescue, the Internet has been bashing Gilles since Monday with no sign of the onslaught of negative comments ending anytime soon. The attacks have been focused on the comment sections of her personal Facebook profile and her photography page, “Devine Composition.”

Aside from becoming the biggest and possibly most hated Karen of 2020, social media users have decided to reward Lenin for standing his ground against Gilles. Cowan’s Go Fund Me campaign has already raised $11,877 for Lenin. The description for the campaign simply reads, “Raising money for Lenen for his honorable effort standing his ground when faced with a Karen in the wild.”

After the Go Fund Me unexpectedly began going viral, Cowan began making updates and actually tracked down Lenin. Cowan was initially going to have his friend who lives near the Starbucks deliver the money to Lenin at work. In order to verify the money was delivered, Cowan said they would post an image of Lenin accepting the money on the Go Fund Me.

In another update, Cowan showed he had found Lenin on Facebook. Lenin told Cowan he was overwhelmed by the amount of support he was receiving online. At this point, the Go Fund Me had not even reached $1,000.

Some people began asking Cowan for proof that he is talking with Lenin. Cowan provided a screenshot from their messages. Due to Starbucks’ involvement in the situation, Lenin’s manager has told him to say, “I can’t comment on that right now.” The reply is really not very surprising given the amount of online attention the situation has received.

After raising $5,000, another update was made with a picture of Lenin. Lenin is holding up a piece of paper that reads, “Thank you everyone for the tips!!! Stay safe.” Cowan also announced he would be meeting Lenin in San Diego to deliver the tips in person.

When the campaign broke $7,500, Lenin made a thank you video for everybody that had donated. “Hey everyone, I just wanted to say thank you for all the love and support. What everyone is doing, it’s an honor to see all of this happen. But I just wanted to remind everyone to be kind to one another and to love each other and always remember to wear a mask,” Lenin says in the 17-second video.

With the campaign still steadily receiving virtual tips averaging around $5.00, it is still not clear how much money Lenin will end up receiving for his bravery in the face of a Karen. Gilles’ attempt to expose Lenin for doing his job may be one of the largest Internet justice failures the world has ever seen.

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