• Amanda Tidwell posted screenshots of Thomas Wayne Keeton after he sent her daughter a sexual message
  • Hours later the Haralson County Sheriff’s Department arrested Keeton for the message
  • Keeton is a registered sex offender for a child molestation that occurred in 2001

On Tuesday, Amanda Tidwell uploaded three pictures to her Facebook after 55-year-old Thomas Wayne Keeton had sent a sexual message to her 12-year-old daughter on Instagram.

What Happened

Tidwell’s post explains that her daughter Lily uses Instagram as her main means of communication. Along with laying down basic rules for social media, Tidwell also receives a notification when Lily receives a message. While she is trying to give her daughter space and not read through every message she receives, she also monitors her online activity and will view the notifications to see who is messaging Lily.

Tidwell was shocked when she saw Keeton had messaged her daughter under the Instagram name waynethomasoutlaw. In one of the screenshots, Keeton tells Tidwell’s daughter, “Hell yeah I would love to be able to eat your beautiful ass everyday.” Tidwell responded to Keeton’s message and let him know she was reported him to the authorities and it turns out she was not bluffing.

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Haralson County Sheriff’s Office

Just six hours after Tidwell’s post, the Haralson County Sherrif’s Office made a post to their Facebook page saying Keeton had been arrested for sending a sexual message to a child. It was also discovered that Keeton is a registered sex offender. According to City-Data, Keeton committed an act of child molestation on February 15, 2001.

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