• Nicholas Ennis is facing a citation for a bumper sticker that spells out “FUCK GUN CONTROL” with an M-16 and an AK-47
  • A code was passed in Tennessee in 2010 that prohibits obscene or patently offensive bumper stickers and other materials that can be seen by other drivers
  • Ennis says he plans on fighting the citation as he feels the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office is violating his First Amendment rights

A man in Westmoreland, Tennessee is facing a citation after a Sumner County Sheriff’s deputy decided his bumper sticker violates a statute against “obscene or patently offensive bumper stickers.”

What Happened

The bumper sticker with the letters “u” and “c” in-between a green M-16 and an AK-47. Underneath are the words “gun control.” According to the official citation, law enforcement claim the message spells out “Fuck gun control.” Nicholas Ennis claims he has had the sticker on his vehicle for a year with no issues.

Ennis claims the sticker does not spell out a profanity. “I mean… not to me… looking at it, no. You wouldn’t be able to tell,” Ennis said, “It was made that way so it wouldn’t be vulgar, so I wouldn’t get in trouble for it, but they’re saying it is.“ The Sumner County Sheriff is holding their ground and told WKRN the sticker does display the word fuck.

Online Stores Advertise The Sticker As “Fuck Gun Control”

A quick Google search shows that Amazon, Decal Monster, Pro Sport Sticker, Sunset, and other online sticker shops all sell the same design advertised as “FUCK GUN CONTROL.”

In 2010, Tennessee passed a code prohibiting “obscene or patently offensive movies, bumper stickers, window signs or other markings on or in a motor vehicle that are visible to other drivers.” The code was created to “reduce the likelihood of accidents.” The punishment is a fine no less than $2.00 and no more than $50.00.

Ennis is not ready to take the citation. He told ABC 33 plans on talking to his attorney this week as he feels his First Amendment rights have been violated. Ennis argues the word is not spelled out on the sticker as it is on the ticket.

I think my First Amendment rights have been violated because it’s not spelled out like he said on the ticket. That we should have the right to express our opinions, and the freedom of speech, and they’re trying to take it away, the constitutional right, they’re trying to take all that away from us, like American ain’t free no more.

Nicholas Ennis Via ABC 33

Ennis has a friend named Sam Monaghan who has the same sticker on his Jeep. Monaghan believes “everybody has their right to express their opinion on whatever they want to.” He told ABC 33 that people get to express their opinion about not having guns so he should be able to express his opinion on having guns.

Everybody has their right to express their opinion on whatever they want to. People express their opinion about not having guns, well, I want guns, and I want more of them, and I will get more of them, and I’ll get them legally.

Sam Monaghan Via ABC 33


  1. Oh for crying out fucking loud! So is Christmas and many other Christian holidays thanks to Constantine who was a pagan before becoming a Christian. People on both sides seriously need to educate themselves or shut up about this crap. There s more to history and Christianity than just the Bible, and not all of it is good. Put simply it is the evil in the bedrock of a man s soul that makes each individual want to be right and everyone else has to follow. That is exactly what we have here, a power struggle. Frankly a power struggle is the heart of everything we deal with today.


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