• A viral video is getting mixed reviews after Talia Raquel pranked her son by telling him his baby brother had to be returned to the “people store”
  • The video has received over 1.4 million views and been shared almost 30,000 times but Raquel’s account settings does not allow people to comment
  • Raquel made two update posts explaining the video was just a prank and saying her son laughed after the fact and watched the video himself

A prank has received some negative attention after Talia Raquel posted a live video to her Facebook telling her 8-year-old son they had to return his baby brother to the “people store.”

What Happened

The video starts with the older son obviously crying. Raquel is heard saying, “Listen to me. hear me out, okay? This is what we have to do. Okay?” Raquel goes on to say they have to make a video for the infant’s new family at the people store.

As she is explaining why they have to make the video the child begins crying harder and says, “But why? I don’t want him to go though. Wait, we have to give him away?” He asks again if they have to give him away and Raquel responds “yes.” Raquel is heard saying, “Baby yes. He has to go, okay? Two kids is way too much. Okay? I just want you.”

The older child continues to cry and plead with Raquel to not give his little brother away. Raquel tries to tell him he needs to stop crying or nobody will buy his brother and even tries to bribe him with money from selling his brother. At one point Raquel says he is too fat and she did not know he was going to be so fat when she got him from the people store. In an effort to calm her son, Raquel tells him they will buy him a new brother from the people store. An offer the child refuses.

The Video Goes Viral

Since being posted on Wednesday the video has received over 1.4 million views and has been shared almost 30,000 times. Raquel’s profile appears to be set to only allow friends to comment, so her profile has dodged the majority of the hate. Those sharing the video have had mixed feelings. Some see the video for what it was, a prank on a child, while others see it as traumatizing a young child. Of course this is the Internet and social media we are talking about, so there is never a middle level between the two extremes.

Later on Wednesday Raquel posted a status that read, “A lot of people are seriously butthurt over me pranking my kid. He’s FINE 😂 happy, healthy, spoiled, and loved and everyone who knows me knows so 🤷🏽‍♀️.” Despite reassuring Facebook users her child was fine, many still continue to push the idea that he is traumatized.

Talia Raquel Apologizes For Viral Prank

Apparently her second post did not stop the online criticism she was receiving. A few hours later Raquel posted an apology on her page. In the apology post Raquel explained that her older son believes babies come from the people store, which is why she told him they had to take his little brother back to the people store. Raquel says after her son found out it was a prank he laughed then asked to watch the video and laughed some more. She ends the post saying, “HOWEVER, if it offended you, I apologize.”



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