• The exclusive streaming site AdmitMe said farewell to their members on Sunday
  • There was no explanation for the shutdown in a goodbye note posted to the site
  • Social media users began spreading the word of the shutdown on Twitter, Reddit and other social media sites

As streaming services are becoming a quick-growing industry, social media users were disappointed to hear the exclusive streaming service, AdmitMe.tv, said goodbye to their users without warning on Sunday morning.

AdmitMe Says Goodbye

Members of AdmitMe shared their heartbreak on social media after talk of the site’s shutdown began to spread. Members of AdmitMe were greeted with a goodbye note that did not go into details about the shutdown. “However the time has come for us to close this chapter,” the goodbye note read.

It is with heavy hearts today that we announce the end of admitme. we wanted to take a moment to thank all of the incredible members that have made this experience such a pleasure for us and we are very thankful for the opportunity that you have given us throughout the years.

however the time has come for us to close this chapter, and we hope you’ll look back fondly at the time you’ve spent on admitme.

Via AdmitMe.tv

An Exclusive Streaming Service

Before the site said goodbye users were greeted with a blank light blue screen with a simple login box. One noticeable difference between AdmitMe and other sites is that there was nowhere to sign up. The service was only accessible through a friend’s account or by invitation from an existing user.

Reviews.com reported people frequently begging for invites on Twitter and even offering to pay for an invite. In October a Twitter user offering to sell their personal AdmitMe account claimed you could no longer send invites to new users.

Social media users have spread the word of AdmitMe’s shutdown on both Twitter and Reddit. On a thread in r/Privacy, users have already begun looking for alternatives. It has been reported that once you gained access to AdmitMe you could watch basically any TV show or movie you ever think of, even if they were new releases. In general, AdmitMe’s services were said to be like mainstream services and above the majority of competitor pirated streaming services.


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