• An event page on Facebook called “Storm Area 51 They Can’t Stop All Of Us” continues to grow on Facebook
  • The event currently has over 417,000 people either interested or going
  • Use of deadly force is authorized at Area 51
  • Trespassers face heavy fines and the possibility of jail time for entering the restricted area

Last week the secretive military base known as “Area 51” began receiving more attention than normal after a Facebook event dubbed “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us” went viral. In an act of solidarity, the event page calls for everyone to “Naruto run” towards the base, which overall sounds like a pretty solid strategy.

Despite the event clearly being a joke, the event quickly caught the attention of over 200,000 people. As of now, over 417,000 people have either clicked interested or going on the main event page. Now that the event has grown a bit out of control, chances are at least a small crowd of people are going to show up at the secretive base on September 20, 2019, 3:00 am. It is highly doubtful that anybody that shows up for the event will actually try to storm the base while running like Naruto, but you never know. For those who are taking the event seriously, here is some of what you can expect by trying to breach Area 51.

Editor’s Note: It is strongly advised to not try and “storm Area 51” as it is classified as a Military Operating Area. This article is not intended to encourage anyone to storm the base and instead is meant to bring awareness to the possible repercussions for such an act.

Area 51

While the base is commonly called Area 51, according to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) the correct names for the secretive base are Homey Airport and Groom Lake. It should be noted the name Area 51 was used in a CIA document from the Vietnam War. Nicknames for Area 51 have also included Dreamland and Paradise Ranch. The airspace around Area 51 is famously known among pilots as Restricted Area 4808 North (R-4808N). No commercial or military aircraft are allowed to fly in R-4808N. Area 51 is believed to be a part of Edwards Air Force Base in California or the Nellis Air Force Range in Nevada, but even pilots from both bases are restricted from flying in R-4808N. Pilots that fly into the buffer zones of R-4808N reportedly face punishment from their commanders. Pilots that deliberately fly into the highly restricted airspace can expect a court-martial, dishonorable discharge and the possibility of time in prison.


Janet Area 51 Airline

There is one mysterious fleet of aircraft that routinely fly into Area 51 from McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. The airline is known as “Janet.” Janet is not really an airline and that is not even the actual name for the service. As far as everyone knows, Janet does not actually have a name. Janet’s fleet of aircraft consists of six Boeing 737s previously flown by Air China, along with a few Beechcraft 1900s and King Airs. The planes have no logo, just a red stripe along the window line. There is no identification on the planes aside from a civilian N-number. You cannot buy tickets for Janet and unless you are a U.S. government employee or contractor with the highest security clearance, chances are you will never get to take a trip on one of Janet’s planes. The airline serves as a shuttle to secret military bases with Area 51 as one of the main destinations. The trip is a roughly 25-minute commute.

According to the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame, when Richard A. Sampson commanded Area 51 from 1969 through 1971 he used his wife’s name to identify the EG&G commuter planes that brought employees to the secretive base. Her name was Janet. Ownership of Janet has changed a few times. AECOM currently owns the secretive airline. According to the company’s about section on their website, “AECOM is a global network of experts working with clients, communities and colleagues to develop and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most complex challenges.” At one point, AECOM posted a job opening that many believed was related to the frequent trips to Area 51 and other secretive government areas. The job was for a “First Officer, Co-Pilot, Las Vegas, Nevada” for AECOM’s “government” business line. Qualifications for the position included Boeing 737 experience and the pilot had to “qualify for and maintain a Top Secret government security clearance and associated work location access.”

Where Is Area 51

Area 51 Location

Area 51 is located in the Southern Nevada desert 83 miles north-northwest of Las Vegas. The site sits on the southern shore of Groom Lake and was acquired by the United States Air Force in 1955 with the intentions of flight testing the Lockheed U-2 aircraft. The State Route 375 — better known as the “Extraterrestrial Highway” — will lead you to a dirt road that takes you to the restricted area’s infamous “back gate.” The area is connected to the internal Nevada Test Site (NTS) road network, which includes paved roads leading to Mercury and Yucca Flat. Groom lake Road leads to a pass that runs through Jumbled Hills and goes past a security checkpoint. The road goes through Tikaboo Valley where it eventually converges with the Extraterrestrial Highway which is just south of Rachel. According to the LA Times, stories of an underground tunnel system are based off truth. Former project manager at Area 51 Thornton “T.D.” Barnes claims Project NERVA was conducted inside underground chambers at Jackass Flats near Area 51. “Three test-cell facilities were connected by railroad, but everything else was underground.”

The trip is a long and not very exciting drive. Any vehicle used to get to Area 51 should be fueled up in Vegas and then again at the gas station in Tonopah. If you have reserve tanks, it might not be a terrible idea to fill them as well. Due to the dirt roads involved, low-riding sports cars are not the ideal vehicle to use. An SUV would be your best bet to make the trek. Make sure you have a spare tire. People report having no cell phone service for roughly a hundred miles around the base, so if you run out of gas or get a flat tire you may be waiting for a while before receiving aid. Police are not commonly seen in the area, and for the most part, only come out when needed. If you get hungry, in nearby Rachel you can stop at the “The Little A’Le’Inn,” which also has a gift shop and acts as an inn.

The Little A'le'inn Area 51

Security At Area 51

Area 51 is said to be so secretive that it actually operates outside of even federal law, which is how there were no repercussions for dumping massive amounts of hazardous waste. Obviously a military site the government tried to keep secret for decades is going to have some pretty serious security. Area 51 is classified as a Military Operating Area (MOA). The border of Area 51 is not fenced off. Instead, they are marked with orange poles and warning signs. The signs warn trespassers that photography is not allowed and security in the area are authorized to use deadly force. Area 51 is believed to have motion sensors around the border that can tell the difference between humans and animals. The area has a lot of wildlife, which is something that is also important to remember when driving there.

Area 51 Deadly Force
Area 51 Trespassing Sign

Camo Dudes

The area is patrolled by pairs of men known as “camo dudes,” because they are often seen wearing camouflage outfits. It is believed these guards are hired to act as security by companies such as G4S Secure Solutions. Rumors claim the camo dudes are instructed to simply observe trespassers and notify the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department if someone looks suspicious. However, the camo dudes are known to occasionally confront trespassers and act in an intimidating and aggressive manner. The YouTube channel “MacADVentures” have at least one confrontation with the camo dudes where they were held at gunpoint. in the video, both camo dudes have guns drawn and force the men to turn around as they search them. One of the camo dudes finally tells the men to “Get on your bikes and get the fuck out of here or we’ll call Lincoln County and they’ll write you each a $750 ticket.”

Punishment For Entering Area 51

Entering Area 51 does indeed come with possible legal repercussions. While deadly force is authorized, it is believed one would really have to push their luck to be shot for entering the restricted area. Chances are you will catch up to a $1,000 fine from the LCSD. As long as your trespassing was innocent you will end up with a fine of at least $650 and a letter from the base commander saying you are not welcome on the property. Those who push their luck could be detained for hours before LCSD arrives to arrest you. If they wanted to make an example out of you, under the Internal Security Act 50, USC Sec. 797 you could face a fine up to $5,000 and/or up to one year in prison. If you are confronted by a camo dude or anybody within the restricted area your best bet is to comply and be apologetic. If you happened to cross the Area 51 border truly by accident, which is easy to do, you do have a chance of being told to leave without any legal repercussions. If you Naruto run towards the restricted area you will most likely be going to jail, if not facing a hard lesson on the authorized use of deadly force.


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