• Pornhub insights show on an average day there are over 30,000 searches for alien-related adult videos
  • Following the viral trend of storming Area 51, alien searches have spiked as high as over 200% more than normal
  • Alaska searches for alien-related adult videos more than anywhere else in America

Over 3 million people have shown interest in a Facebook event titled “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us.” The idea of storming the most secretive military base in the country has grown to the point that even the federal government has warned Internet users to not follow through with the plan to “Naruto run” into Area 51.

Area 51 Searches On Pornhub

Perhaps a bigger story than the federal government warning people not to storm Area 51 comes from a recent insight from Pornhub. According to Pornhub Insights, searches for Area 51 and alien-related adult videos has increased following the viral storm Area 51 movement. Pornhub was nice enough to break down the different increases in alien searches following the current raised interest in extraterrestrial life. The first image shown tells us searches for “Area 51” surged from zero to 160,000 in only four days. On July 16th, there were 59,000 searches alone.

Storm Area 51 Has Increased Alien Related Video Searches On Pornhub Area 51

There Are 30,000 Daily Searches For Aliens On Pornhub

One interesting thing the Pornhub insights showed was on an average day there are over 30,000 searches for “alien” related adult videos. That was before storming Area 51 ever became an Internet trend. Following the viral campaign, alien searches increased by 217% on July 2, and 199% on July 15. The top alien-related search was “alien impregnation,” followed by “alien sex,” “alien hentai,” and “3d alien.” People were also interested in “alien abduction,” “alien belly,” “monsters vs aliens,” “alien pregnant,” and “alien probe.”

Women Are Most Likely To Search For Aliens On Pornhub

Surprisingly enough, women are 33% more likely to search for alien-related videos. Visitors in the age group of 18 to 24 are 67% more likely to search for alien-related videos compared to all other age groups. Visitors 45 and older really do not have much of an interest in alien porn at all.

Alaska Has The Most Searches For Aliens On Pornhub

So where are these alien searches coming from? All over the world! In America, Alaska hold the most searches for alien-related videos with a landslide victory over other states. Following Alaska is West Virginia, South Dakota, Wyoming and Arkansas. But it turns out Americans are not the most interested in alien porn videos. America actually ranked tenth in the world for searches related to aliens on Pornhub. Czechia, Argentina, and Belarus are lead the world in searches for out of this world adult videos.


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