• Davalena Kelley disappeared from her residence on the Fort Belknap Reservation on Monday morning around 7:00 am
  • Her family says Kelley has an IQ equal to a 9-year-old and is not capable of making good decisions
  • Kelley said a black man from Chicago was coming to pick her up but her family believed it to be another one of her common fantasies
  • Surveillance footage from a Flying J Travel Center in Beach, North Dakota show Kelley traveling with an unknown black male

An 18-year-old Native American woman went missing on Monday from Fort Belknap Reservation in Montana. Davalena Kelley is said to have special needs that puts her IQ equal to that of a 9-year-old. Her family believes she may be a victim of sex trafficking.

What We Know

According to a post on Facebook from Kelley’s family, Kelley spends a lot of time “fantasizing” and living in a “make-believe world.” So when Kelley claimed a “black man from Chicago was coming to pick her up” on Sunday night, it was dismissed as just a another story from her overactive imagination. It now appears that statement was anything but a figment of her imagination.

On Monday morning, at around 7:00 am, Kelley was dressed and walking out her front door with a laundry basket in hand. Family claim this was out of Kelley’s normal daily routine. When questioned about what she was doing, she did not respond and proceeded to go outside. Kelley never came back inside. The laundry basket she was carrying was left sitting on the ground near the back gate and Kelley was nowhere to be seen.

Davalena Kelley Was Spotted With An Unknown Black Male In Beach, North Dakota

People have sense tried to call and message Kelley on social media, but there has been no response. Her Snapchat shared her journey to Beach, North Dakota. Kelley was confirmed to have been seen at a Flying J Travel Center in the area. Pictures from a surveillance camera show Kelley indeed traveling with a very tall black man that the family does not know.

Due to Kelley’s inability to make good decisions, her family is worried about what could happen to her. They believe the man seen in the gas station found Kelley through social media or possibly at a Fort Belknap pow-wow. If anybody sees Kelley, or has any information on her whereabouts they are asked to call Fort Belknap police at 406-353-2933. Below are several posts related to Kelley’s disappearance.


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