• Known sovereign scammer Francesca Amato claims she is shutting down New York family courts with an affidavit
  • Amato “served” New York Attorney General Letitia James with an affidavit she claims is a “State of Emergency” declaration
  • Amato is currently appealing her own court case in Ulster County where she faces the loss of her parental rights and 60 days in jail
  • For years, Amato has used social media to scam parents with CPS cases out of money and to attack the judge over her case

Sovereign scam artist Francesca Amato is at it again. This time Amato has a new affidavit that is allegedly shutting down the family court in Ulster County, New York. Interestingly enough, Ulster County is where she is currently facing legal issues of her own in the family court.

Sovereign Scammer Francesca Amato Creates A “State Of Emergency”

Amato has demonstrated her inability to understand even the most basic laws and court proceedings for years through her own court cases and delusional videos on social media. She has pushed nonsensical sovereign-based legal theories on families involved with Child Protective Services for well over a year.

The most recent scam involves an affidavit that Amato claims is a “State of Emergency” declaration that demands the abolishment of family court in Ulster County. According to Amato, the affidavit is a contract between the people of New York and New York Attorney General Letitia James. In reality, an affidavit is nothing more than a written statement that is sworn to be true. An affidavit does not act as a contract, State of Emergency declaration, or anything else Amato claims to use them for.

On January 16, Amato uploaded a video to her YouTube channel titled “Sworn affidavit putting Letitia James attorney general on notice NYS.” In the video, Amato and a group of under ten people deliver a copy of the nonsensical document to James’ secretary then stand in the hallway and read it. The small group can be heard cheering and clapping as Amato reads the document that holds no legal authority.

Without any surprise, James did not respond to Amato’s fictional State of Emergency affidavit. A common sovereign belief is if there is no response to their phony legal documents then it is a victory and admission of guilt, a claim that could not be further from the truth. These documents hold no legal weight, which makes it impossible and unnecessary to respond to. Like the affidavits Amato has pushed in the past, nothing is going to happen and the family courts in Ulster County are still operating. That did not stop Amato from twisting her theatrical display into a victory to her social media followers.

Silence Is Golden

On January 23, Amato posted, “Silence is golden 48 hours ends 1pm est Thursday Letitia James served a State of emergency by the people.” One would think Amato’s grammar alone would be a red flag to not trust her legal capabilities.

Later in the day, Amato doubled down and made another post that read, “Praise the Lord No response from Letitia James this means she takes responsibility.” Again, James’ lack of response does not mean she “takes responsibility,” which is why the family courts continued operating without interruption.

In another post, Amato writes, “Letitia James We the people served you with a state of emergency & today the family court is operating & harming NY families.”

Amato pushed the same confusing claim that no response is a good thing in several videos uploaded to Facebook as well.

Francesca Amato State Of Em… by discuss on Scribd

Francesca Amato Vs. Anthony McGinty

Amato pushes these scams for two reasons. She offers “consultations” for $50 where she gives advice on how to handle a CPS case. Amato and her sovereign partner David Jose Watson tell social media users their affidavits bring children home every day, yet neither one has ever provided court documents supporting their reckless claims. Instead, both Amato and Watson block anyone who questions them, then encourages their followers to block those that speak out against them often claiming they are just “trolls.” Even long time supporters get cast out as trolls if they ever dare question their irrational practices and beliefs.

Along with financial gain, Amato often directs her followers to attack the New York family courts and Judge Anthony McGinty in specific. Amato has even made a petition to have McGinty impeached on Change.org that has yet to reach its goal of 1,000 signatures. “Anthony McGinty has a pattern of abuses primarily against good protective mothers,” the petition claims. So why does Amato hold this clear grudge against McGinty?

McGinty is the judge who not only ordered custody of Amato’s son go to his father, Patrick Beesmer, he also sentenced her to jail for 60 days after she ignored a court order and refused to return the child to his father. In the original order, Amato was allowed supervised visits. She is currently representing herself in a last chance appeal against McGinty’s decision. Many claim Amato has been practicing parental alienation against her son’s father while smearing his name on social media and even calling CPS on him. Amato has denied the approaching jail sentence despite irrefutable court documents.

Francesca Amato 60 Day Jail… by discuss on Scribd

In August, Amato was removed from a lawsuit against McGinty where she claimed she was not provided with proper accommodation for her PTSD. The court concluded that Amato and another woman on the lawsuit, Gina Funk, “failed to allege that they were mistreated or discriminated against because of their disability.” Amato claimed her PTSD “exacerbated whenever [she] was forced to attend a court hearing.” The court documents went on to say, “Amato merely alleges in conclusory fashion that defendants knew of her disability and need for accommodation,” but she failed to provide evidence to support her claim.


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