• Known sovereign scam artist David Jose Romero Watson claims President Donald Trump is preparing to take down CPS and other agencies
  • Jose and fellow sovereign scammer Francesca Amato have been pushing nonsensical legal practices on desperate families in Child Protective Services
  • Amato and Jose claim to have an “award” that allows families to opt out of following American laws
  • The award is a failed sovereign immunity request from convicted felon Bradley Stark pushed by Phil Hudok
  • Jose claims Ann Vandersteel and Field McConnell as sources that all the children in CPS are coming home
  • Vandersteel was disavowed earlier in the year by the Trump campaign after claiming to be a member of “Team Trump 2020”
  • McConnell has a history of failed sovereign law practices dating back to at least 2007 when he entered handwritten lawsuits that were dismissed

Known member of the sovereign movement and get rich quick scam artist David Jose—born David Jose Romero Watson—continues to make fictional claims related to President Donald Trump and returning children in Child Protective Services to their parents.

Sovereign Scammers David Jose And Francesca Amato

As the months go by and the vast majority of his empty promises have yet to come to fruition, Jose’s claims are getting stranger. Jose constantly refers to a Congressional hearing that never happened and a relationship with Trump’s “Human Trafficking Task Force” that does not appear to exist. Both claims are being used to support credibility for a nonsensical affidavit Jose claims brings children home from CPS.

Jose and fellow sovereign citizen Francesca Amato both claim to have an affidavit that will get any child home from CPS custody. While both Amato and Jose claim children come home due to these affidavits daily, neither self-declared advocate has provided any legal documents showing their affidavits resulted in CPS returning a child. Along with nonsensical affidavits, Jose and Amato both support a bizarre attempt for sovereign immunity that has failed multiple times over the years.

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Jose and Amato both claim an “award” has been given that will allow people to opt out of following American laws. The ridiculous notion that one can just simply opt out of following the law appears to stem from Phil Hudok. Hudok has made local headlines for practicing cultural appropriation against Native Americans while renewing his driver’s license in West Virginia in protest of biometric facial recognition.

Phil Hudok

Back in 2008 West Virginia DMV Commissioner Joseph Cicchirillo decided Hudok and about 60 other Christians were exempt from having their license pictures stored in a data base. That exemption was blocked by Governor Earl Ray Tomblin in 2017. Hudok decided to wear a Native American costume to get his picture taken in protest. While many accused Hudok’s stunt of being racist, he claims other religious groups are protected more than Christians, which really does not clear up any of the racial claims.

Hudok was protesting the state’s Real ID Act, which requires “use a face biometric standard that allows for facial recognition and authentication.” In 2012, Hudok told the Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee he believed the Real ID Act to be the mark of the beast. “If we as Christians comply with the Real ID act, we would be enrolled into a global system of identification that directly links our body through biometrics to our ability to buy or sell,” Hudok said.

The Failed Bradley Stark Sovereign Immunity “Award”

Despite his failed attempts at finding sovereign loopholes in the law and a general distrust of the government, Hudok had a failed run for governor in 2016. Since his failed gubernatorial campaign, it seems Hudok got deeper into the sovereign movement. Hudok has a website packed full of nonsensical legal documents, including the sovereign immunity award that Amato and Jose are pushing on desperate families entwined with CPS. The sovereign immunity “opt in” originates from 37-year-old Bradley Stark who was convicted of wire fraud in 2012. After being sentenced to federal prison Stark began requesting sovereign immunity. Stark’s request is the same sovereign immunity opt in found on the Hudok’s website that Amato and Jose are currently pushing. Amato and Jose even tried pushing the same sovereign immunity scam earlier this year. Followers were told they had to opt in by February. No sovereign immunity was granted to any of the people who previously followed Amato and Jose’s instructions. Court documents from 2018 and 2019 show that Stark’s sovereign immunity request failed and he is still in prison even though both Amato and Jose claim the “award” was issued.

Bradley Stark Sovereign Immunity Request by discuss on Scribd

Bradley Stark 2019-03-19 by discuss on Scribd

David Jose And The Fictional Federal Agency Manuals

In a recent Facebook LIVE video, Jose claims that Trump is forcing agencies to release their “manuals” which well tell people the exact words to say to have their children returned from CPS. According to Jose, every agency’s manual gives the exact wording to say to no longer follow their provisions. One of his claims is there is wording that exists in the DMV manual that will no longer require you to have a driver’s license. A common belief among sovereign citizens is that a driver’s license is not required to drive because they are “traveling.” Of course, there is no evidence to support Jose’s sovereign-based beliefs and claims and many examples exist of this argument failing in both traffic stops and in court. Both Jose and Amato say they are not sovereign citizens because the term is an oxymoron, which is true. However, regardless of the term being an oxymoron, the federal government refers to those in the sovereign movement as sovereign citizens. The FBI has considered sovereign citizens to be domestic terrorists since at least 2010. Meaning following sovereign legal practices can not only potentially lose your case, it can also get you marked as a domestic terrorist in the eyes of the FBI. A title that will likely work against you getting your children out of CPS custody.

Jose’s claim that these fictional manuals will tell people how to get out of basic laws once they know the correct wording is similar to the common sovereign “straw man” belief. In the straw man conspiracy, sovereigns believe their birth name is a straw man the federal government uses to profit off from foreign investors. If you can figure out the correct wording you will be rewarded with unlimited funding from the Federal Reserve. Despite the straw man conspiracy being in existence for years, nobody has figured out the correct wording. Jose himself appears to have become a sovereign citizen through the group Reign of the Heavens Society Temple, a group that believes God’s law takes precedence over man’s law.

Renouncing Kingdoms of the World and All Their Glory Entry ID 203 David Jose Romero Watson by discuss on Scribd

All The Children Are Coming Home

Both Amato and Jose make money off the parents involved in CPS cases through donations and “consultations.” Both methods are commonly seen in different sovereign Internet-based scams. It is normal to see the people behind these sovereign scams promise legal and financial immunity. In Jose’s live he makes the extremely vague and baseless claim that “all the children are coming home.” According to Jose, Trump is accusing CPS of trafficking children and preparing to take the agencies down. Of course there is no evidence backing Jose’s claims aside from twisting the intentions of a committee and task force assembled to combat human trafficking.

The National Advisory Committee on the Sex Trafficking of Children & Youth has shown concern for those vulnerable to trafficking. There is no question that children in the foster system have higher chances of being pushed into the illegal sex industry and human trafficking. The committee is there to “Advise on the development and implementation of successful interventions with children and youth who are exposed to conditions that make them vulnerable to, or victims of, sex trafficking.” Nowhere has this committee come forward to say CPS is trafficking children or that children in CPS custody are coming home.

Jose has also long claimed to be in direct communication with “Trump’s Human Trafficking Task Force.” One can only assume Jose is referring to Trump’s Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking. The task force was put together with a focus on international human trafficking with members of different agencies appointed by Trump to lead the effort.

The President shall appoint the members of the Task Force, which shall include the Secretary of State, the Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Labor, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, the Director of National Intelligence, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of Homeland Security, the Secretary of Education, the Secretary of the Treasury, the United States Trade Representative, and such other officials as may be designated by the President.

Via Uscode.house.gov

Trump’s Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking has not issued any statements accusing CPS of human trafficking or that any children are being released from CPS custody. Both the task force and the committee denied taking any lead from either Amato or Jose.

Ann Vandersteel And Field McConnell

According to Jose, Trump is continuing to fund CPS to “set them up” to take them down. A claim that is ridiculous at best. While claiming “all the children are coming home,” Jose points to two “sources” making the same frivolous claim. Those sources were Ann Vandersteel—a Pizzagate conspiracy theorist who was publicly denounced by the Trump campaign earlier this year—and Field McConnell. McConnell is well-known in the sovereign community for his failed “affidavits of truth.”

Vandersteel has been a host on YourVoice America and Steel Truth. She also claimed she was a member of the “Trump Team 2020 FL Media Advisory Board.” Vandersteel’s claims got to the point that Trump’s campaign attorney Lawrence Rosen sent her a cease-and-desist letter. “Trump Team 2020” was created by pro-Trump activist Annie Marie Delgado last year. Rosen’s letter accused the group of misrepresenting itself as a booster for the national Trump 2020 campaign. On the Trump Team 2020 Florida Facebook page it reads, “Trump Team 2020 Florida is not affiliated with ANY candidate.”

Vandersteel still has “Trump Team 2020 Florida Media Advisory Board member” listed on her LinkedIn. It was also on her Twitter account which has been suspended. Earlier in the year, Mark Serrano, who identified himself as a “Trump campaign adviser,” in a brief statement said, “We formed our advisory board in April of 2017, which now includes 19 tremendous advocates for President Trump.” Serrano went on to say, “Ann has not been, nor is she currently on the board.” The Daily Beast and Right Wing Watch pointed out that Vandersteel made her claims for months before she was disavowed by the Trump campaign.

Field McConnell Bizarre Handwritten Lawsuits

McConnell’s failed sovereign legal tactics date back to at least 2007 when he filed a handwritten complaint in the U.S. District Court in North Dakota. “Field McConnell vs. Boeing Company and Air Line Pilots Association” was filed on February 27, 2007, and a second lawsuit, “Field McConnell, David Hawkins and 98 fellow plaintiffs vs. Global Guardians listed in ‘Preamble,'” was filed on May 1, 2007. Both lawsuits failed after McConnell never served the defendants. 

Field Mcconnell Boeing Alpa 2007 by discuss on Scribd

Field Mcconnell Global Guardians Lawsuit by discuss on Scribd

Just days ago Vandersteel and McConnell did an interview riddled with conspiracies and nonsense claims on the Steel Truth YouTube channel.

Amato And Jose Cannot Win Their Own Family Court Issues

Over the last year both Jose and Amato have watched their audience shrink as their promises continue to never come true. Both self-declared “family advocates” appear to be getting more reckless with their claims and desperate for financial support. Following a failed attempt to speak in front of Congress, Amato and Jose have been using trips back to DC as an excuse to need donations to continue to fight CPS. While Amato and Jose claim to be able to help other’s family court cases neither appear to be succeeding in their own family court cases.

According to court documents, Amato is currently facing a 60-day jail sentence related to ignoring a court order in 2016 regarding her own family court issues. The State of New York Supreme Court Appellate Division Third Judicial Department ruled that there was no “merit” in Amato’s “contention that the imposed jail term was excessive or stemmed from an abuse of Family Court’s discretion.” The court went on to say Amato’s remaining contentions were also found to be “without merit.”

Francesca Amato 60 Day Jail Sentence Appeal Denied by discuss on Scribd

Jose has his own issues with CPS that have not been cleared as of this time. He claims he lost his CPS case so God could use him to help others with their cases, which makes absolutely no sense. Neither Amato or Jose have presented any evidence their nonsensical legal practices produce results aside from vague Facebook posts claiming children are coming home. So far Arlena Wiles, one of the only people known to use their legal practices, is facing jail time and termination of her parental rights after their affidavits failed to stop any of the legal procedures after her child was removed from her custody. While both scammers try to push that their efforts are gaining nationwide traction, it is painfully clear that is a lie. Instead, Amato and Jose seem to be trying a Hail Mary to receive whatever last finances they can before their entire scam completely falls apart. Below you can see an example of Jose’s ridiculous failed court documents from his own CPS case.


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