• On Sunday, family members of a recently deceased woman found themselves begging a self-proclaimed journalist Shara Michelle to remove a post about their loved one
  • Michelle took it upon herself to blame the death of the woman on her involvement with CPS just a day after the funeral
  • The post was finally removed, but Michelle has a long history of involving herself in CPS situations
  • Michelle claims to work for a non-existent media outlet which only produces content through her personal Facebook for close to two years
  • In the past, Michelle is known to support wanted criminals and known sovereign scam artists on social media and in real life

As citizen journalism has become a growing industry it has also opened the door for people with no journalistic platform or resources to abuse their alleged “freedom of press.” Inside the darker corners of the anti-Child Protective Services movement, there is a growing issue with self-acclaimed journalists spreading false information and generally doing more harm than good for families within the system.

Self-Proclaimed Journalist Shara Michelle And The Freedom Public Press

Following the death of a woman known among anti-CPS social media groups, self-proclaimed journalist Shara Michelle decided to “cover” the story via her non-existent media outlet, “Freedom Public Press.” The outlet Michelle claims to run appears to only exist through her personal Facebook page. According to the State of New Jersey Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services, Freedom Public Press became an LLC in July of last year. However, Michelle used her alleged media outlet to make calls to both private and governmental officials related to CPS cases, at times without the family’s knowledge or permission.

Currently, Freedom Public Press does not even have a Facebook business page, Twitter account, or website. In other words, the outlet does not exist anywhere outside of Michelle’s personal Facebook. Since Michelle’s outlet does not exist, there is absolutely nobody to be held accountable for her actions. Family members of the recently deceased woman found themselves having to beg Michelle to stop “reporting” on her death.

A Grieving Family Begs Shara Michelle To Stop

On Friday, Michelle made a post about the woman’s death. At the beginning of the post, Michelle warns of “HEAVY TROLL ACTIVITY.” Troll activity has become a favored scapegoat among scam artists within the Anti-CPS movement. Known scam artists Francesca Amato and David Jose Watson often refer to anyone warning potential victims of their nonsensical sovereign belief-based scams as trolls to dismiss the claims against them.

In Michelle’s post, she blames CPS for the death by claiming four children were wrongfully removed. Michelle states someone messaged her on Facebook about the death, which prompted her post and gave her unapproved permission to ignore the family’s requests. The post had over 2,000 comments and 79 shares.

The woman was buried on Saturday but on Sunday, instead of grieving the loss of their loved one, family members found themselves pleading with Michelle to remove her post. The woman’s sister-in-law requested Michelle remove the post for hours. “Please let us handle and let us grieve,” the distraught sister-in-law wrote.

In response to the sister-in-law’s comment, Michelle claims she was “asked by someone very close to April to go forward and cover her story” and that she is “honoring” that request. Even after the sister-in-law tells Michelle to “Back off,” Michelle argues “multiple outlets” are covering the woman’s death. Remind you, not only does Michelle’s outlet not exist, there is nothing identifying her as a journalist on her personal profile nor is there anything suggesting anyone from the general public considers her private account to be a source for news. At one point, Michelle accuses the sister-in-law of being brought to her post by a “troll.”

Michelle has latched on to popular stories in the anti-CPS crowd for going on two years without producing any content outside of Facebook. Over the years Michelle has gained a small audience of critics. In one of Michelle’s more delusional claims, she believes this small group of critics are trolls that only criticize her to “isolate families” on behalf of CPS. In other words, Michelle believes CPS agencies around the country are sending roughly a half-dozen people to comment on her personal Facebook page. Other more extreme members of the anti-CPS movement believe their critics are “bots” used by CPS.

Journalist Shara Michelle

As the family continued to plead with her, Michelle continued to argue against taking the post down. Michelle continued to claim she had rights as part of the press to continue posting about the story. Technically, under freedom of speech laws, Michelle is correct no matter how morally deficient and twisted her argument may be. Michelle continued to push her nonsensical freedom of press argument even after the woman’s grieving mother requested her to stop.

Following the woman's death, self-acclaimed journalist Shara Michelle decided to "cover" the story via her non-existent media outlet.

After nearly five hours of begging Michelle to remove the post, the woman’s sister-in-law tried reminding her once again the family is asking her to stop. “This family has been through hell and is asking you to stop,” one of the sister-in-law’s last comments read.

Another commenter said a sister of the deceased also asked for Michelle to remove the post on Saturday. The same day as the woman’s funeral. Michelle finally removed the post on late Sunday evening. Her time as a self-acclaimed journalist has led Michelle to blindly follow questionable stories and support criminals ever since involving herself with the police standoff of Lee Kenworthy in 2018.

Lee Kenworthy And Samantha Brown

Kenworthy livestreamed an hours-long police standoff to Facebook after refusing a child welfare check in the Manchester Township in New Jersey. Millions watched as Kenworthy claimed his rights were being violated. For almost two years prior to the standoff, Kenworthy claimed the Lyndhurst Police Department was responsible for killing his wife Shayling Kenworthy who died from an asthma attack on August 16, 2016. It was reported that Shayling’s family have disputed Kenworthy’s evidenceless conspiracy he formed around her death.

On the day of the police standoff, Kenworthy was with his two children and their babysitter, Samantha Brown. Michelle began livestreaming to her personal Facebook account after the standoff had ended and Kenworthy was taken into custody. Due to the high volume of viewers, Michelle’s stream went viral once Kenworthy’s stream from inside the house ended following his arrest. Michelle would go on to encourage Kenworthy’s twisted conspiracies for over a year despite obvious warning signs he was not mentally stable.

Since the standoff, Kenworthy and Brown have been accused of destroying multiple rental properties, harassing and stalking social media users, and stealing almost $1,000 from a pregnant roommate. Kenworthy and Brown were often seen on Facebook LIVE calling and harassing local news stations, police departments, and even the FBI. As the couple terrorized people around the country, Michelle continued to paint the two as victims.

Cyber Harassment

Kenworthy has a criminal record that dates back more than a decade. Since Shayling’s death and the standoff, he has tried to make several Go Fund Me campaigns to fund different projects to receive justice based on his conspiracy theories. In October of last year, Kenworthy and Brown were arrested by Fort Lee police for their online harassment. After Facebook blocked Kenworthy for harassing one of his victim’s online, Brown reportedly picked up the campaign. Brown was taken into custody without incident, while Kenworthy attempted to run but was found by a K9 unit in a backyard of a Rockwood Place home according to Fort Lee Police Captain Ricky Mirkovic. Mirkovic said Kenworthy would be charged for violating a restraining order, cyber harassment, and resisting arrest.

Following the arrest, Kenworthy and Brown fled to Florida but not before doing one final interview with Michelle. Brown was later arrested for a warrant when she traveled back to New Jersey. Kenworthy is believed to be homeless in Florida and currently evading his warrant in New Jersey. While Brown and Kenworthy are responsible for harassing victims online, many do not know that for over a year Michelle helped support their insane reign of terror by both claiming to be their personal reporter—which encouraged Kenworthy’s delusional conspiracies—and by aiding them financially.

After over a year of claiming to be reporting on the Kenworthy story, no articles were ever written and no content ever produced outside of Michelle’s personal Facebook. Instead, Michelle made poorly put together memes and began referring to herself as a “photojournalist.” Michelle would also do several “interviews” with Kenworthy and Brown via Facebook LIVE. In each interview, Kenworthy was given the freedom to push his easily debunked beliefs to whoever would listen without question or argument from Michelle.

Suzy Theodoro

While Michelle has briefly clung to other stories since the standoff, most recently she attached herself to a CPS case in Connecticut. Following the removal of their newborn, Suzy and Peter Theodoro began asking for help on social media. The couple requested both legal advice and financial help. However, the couple would later ignore any advice given by attornies—such as Tennessee family law attorney Connie Reguli—and would block anybody who questioned their story.

The Theodoros would end up abandoning their newborn in Connecticut. Despite caseworkers offering the pay for their travel costs, Suzy and Peter missed countless meetings with the child and even important court dates where they instead decided to appear by phone. As the Theodoros named the foster parents in concerning Facebook posts and posted content that could easily be considered damaging of their character, Michelle encouraged their behavior just as she did with Kenworthy and Brown.

Despite months of allegedly reporting on the Theodoro story, once again Michelle did not produce any content outside of her personal Facebook account. Michelle made memes out of pictures shared by the Theodoros and gave her opinion of how innocent they were based on looking at old pictures. Michelle never met the Theodoros or even talked to them on the phone. The Theodoros are in the process of having their rights terminated to the newborn in Connecticut and at one point were forced to shut down their social media. A Go Fund Me campaign for the Theodoros has raised over $3,000 for a lawyer yet no evidence of the family speaking to an attorney with those funds has been provided. Michelle blindly agreed with the Theodoro’s claim they needed $15,000 to $20,000 to talk to an attorney.

Michelle became connected to Amato and Watson via Facebook. She was originally scheduled to debut a song for the Theodoros at a failed rally in Washington DC last year organized by Amato, Watson, and several other known scam artists. Shortly before debuting her song at the rally, internal problems and a medical condition prevented Michelle from attending. Amato has since claimed Michelle is a CPS employee that destroys cases.

Michelle claims she will soon begin covering Arlena Willes, a woman currently sentenced to jail for refusing a mental evaluation related to her son’s removal and child abuse charges. Willes was one of the first to try sovereign affidavits produced by Amato and Watson that allegedly return children from CPS custody. As of now, there is no evidence these affidavits have ever removed a child from state custody.

Others associated with this group of sovereign scam artists recently made national news after Cynthia Abcug was accused of plotting to kidnap her son from his foster parents with members of the online-based conspiracy group QAnon. Abcug became connected with Kirk Pendergrass, Chris Hallet, Field McConnell, and Timothy Holmseth who have all at one point claimed to represent President Donald Trump’s “Pentagon Pedophile Task Force.” The fictional task force—which appears to have been made up by Holmseth—has been referenced by both Amato and Watson.

Out of desperation, many having issues with CPS are quick to take the advice of whoever is willing to give it. Families should be careful to take legal advice regarding anything from strangers they meet on social media platforms.


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