Saturday, February 27, 2021

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Social Media Falsely Claims Ghislaine Maxwell Has COVID-19

Ghislane Maxwell COVID-19
An online rumor that Ghislaine Maxwell has COVID-19 has gone viral and spread across social media platforms.

A Troop Of Monkeys Stole COVID-19 Infected Blood From A Lab In India

Monkeys Stole COVID-19 Blood
On Friday, keeping with the WTF vibe of 2020, news broke that a monkey stole COVID-19 infected blood from a lab technician in India.

MDOC Statements On COVID-19 Conflicts With Prisoner Claims

However, MDOC statements related to COVID-19 conflicts with prisoner claims, another trend within Mississippi's prison system.

Francesca Amato Used COVID-19 Fears To Scam A Family Out Of $5,000

Francesca Amato Used COVID-19
Francesca Amato recently used COVID-19 fears to scam a woman in California out of thousands of dollars during the global pandemic.

Joe Exotic Placed In COVID-19 Isolation Due To Prison Protocol

Joe Exotic COVID-19 Isolation
Joe "Exotic" Maldonado-Passage – the star of Netflix’s new hit true-crime docuseries “Tiger King,” has been placed in COVID-19 isolation.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Did Not Know COVID-19 Could Pass Without Symptoms

COVID-19 Pass Without Symptoms
Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) admitted on Wednesday he did not know COVID-19 could pass without symptoms.

Kansas Department Of Health Accused Of Hiding COVID-19 Quarantines From The Public

Hiding COVID-19 Quarantines
Neosho County accused the KDHE of directing them to not disclose information related to the total number of COVID-19 quarantines.

Georgia Heath Care Workers Died After Contracting COVID-19

Contracting COVID-19
Two Georgia health care workers, both in their forties, first two medical personnel who died last week after contracting COVID-19.

“That’s Not Six Feet” NYPD Tries To Enforce COVID-19 Social Distancing

NYPD COVID-19 Social Distancing
As the case count continues to skyrocket, New York Police Department officers are doing their best to enforce COVID-19 social distancing.

Waffle House Closes Stores For Second Day In A Row Over COVID-19

Waffle House Closes Stores
As Waffle House closes stores around the country due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Waffle House Index is falling to red.