• Crystal Barnett made a post claiming Jorden Marie Simms accused Safford Police Officer Jeremiah French of rape just days before her questionable death
  • While in jail, Simms also claimed a female officer sodomized her with an unknown object during her intake
  • Days after the accusations, Graham County Sheriff’s claimed Simms slipped her hands out of her handcuffs during transport and threw herself out of the vehicle
  • Simms was pronounced brain dead and on Saturday morning her mother announced she had passed on her Facebook
  • French has been placed on administrative leave pending an internal and criminal investigation

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article has been updated to correct the spelling of Jordan’s name to Jorden.

UPDATE ARTICLE: Conflicting Stories From Officials In The Death Of Jorden Marie Simms

A viral post on Facebook claims a Safford, Arizona police officer named Jeremiah French raped a woman named Jorden Marie days before she managed to slip her wrists out of her handcuffs and throw herself from a vehicle during police transport.

Timeline Of Jorden Marie Simms Up To Her Death

According to Safford Police Chief Joe Brugman, Jordan Marie Simms was taken into custody by Safford police for shoplifting on December 21. Simms had an outstanding warrant for her arrest from Yavapai County. The warrant was related to drugs and theft and carried a $25,000 bond. Simms was booked into Graham County Jail.

On December 23, Simms made the allegation against French, the arresting officer. According to Brugman, the internal and criminal investigation process was started. French was placed on administrative leave on December 24. The Safford Police Department requested the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) to conduct an investigation based on Simms’ allegation.

Simms’ family also claims a female officer sodomized her with an unknown object during a strip search during intake to see if she was hiding contraband.

After Simms made the allegation, the Graham County Sheriff’s Department transported her to Sierra Vista for another examination according to Sheriff P.J. Allred. Allred claims on the way back to Safford, Simms complained about abdominal pain. It was decided Simms would be taken to Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center.

On December 26, Allred claims while on the way to the hospital Simms managed to get her wrists out of her handcuffs and throw herself from the Chevy Tahoe transport vehicle while it was northbound on 20th Avenue. The Tahoe was described as an older vehicle that can be opened from the inside, unlike other patrol and transport vehicles. Graham County Dispatch notes the incident occurred at 6:44 p.m. along 20th Avenue near the Sunshine Valley Apartments.

Family Claims Something Is Not Right With Simms’ Death

On Friday, Simms’ aunt, Crystal Barnett made a post that has been shared over 8,000 times. According to Barnett, Simms’ rape test came back positive. Barnett says Simms pleaded with her mother to get her out but she “couldn’t make it happen fast enough.” When Simms’ mother, Deborah Sanchez, went to visit her on Thursday she was met by three deputies. The deputies told Sanchez that Simms was not there but would not disclose her location.

Sanchez received a call around 6:00 p.m. notifying her that Simms had been involved in an accident and was being flown to Banner University Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona. When Sanchez arrived at the hospital she found Simms badly injured and brain dead. Sanchez was told Simms was being transported to Sierra Vista for a psychiatric analysis when she jumped from the vehicle. On a bond search for Simms, there are no details about her charges, but she is listed as being in the infirmary.

Jorden Marie Simms Passes Away

On Saturday morning, Sanchez confirmed that her daughter had passed away. “My baby girl is an angel… my heart is broken #JusticeForJorden,” Sanchez wrote in a post to her Facebook.

Allred says the results of the sodomy test has not come back yet. Safford Police Department have yet to make a comment regarding the accusations against French.

Simms appears to have had three accounts on Facebook under the names Jorden Marie, Jorden Marie Garcia, and Marie Garcia. Her Facebook accounts suggest Simms has at least one child and got engaged to Anthony Garcia in 2018.


  1. A whole lot of questions need to be answered but right now I am mad as hell about the loss of life of a beautiful young lady. She should have been protected even if from herself. I lived this crap myself and am surprised I survived. Prayers to the family and friends to heal.

  2. I feel very strongly that both officers who were transporting Jordan should be charged with this young girls death ! I hope and pray that justice will be served for any jailer who harmed her in anyway during her time in the graham county detention center ! Jordan and her family deserve justice be done !!

  3. Law enforcement personnel need to be held to highest standards and should receive the maximum penalty for breaking laws. An eye for an eye, Jorden’s life for French’s life. We are in the time of Justice or Else!


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