• A one paragraph article from react2424 claims Roblox will be shutting down in 2020
  • The site is a prank site that allows users to create joke articles
  • People have still shared the article over 80,000 and even showed concern on Twitter

Roblox players started freaking out after a claim that the game is shutting down on March 22, 2020, went viral. Allegedly the guys behind Roblox can no longer afford to run their servers. A weird claim since Business Insider reported the property was worth $2.5 billion in May.

The claim started on the site react2424 with an article titled, “Roblox servers will shut sown 2020.” You would think people would notice the title misspelled the word “down.” If the title isn’t enough of a hint something is off, the “article” is made up of one short paragraph full of grammatical errors.

Because of the population,the roblox servers will shut down on march 22th,2020.”It was a fun time.” have the developers tweeted.”But we make less money now,and we can’t hold the servers.We dont have the money to keep them up.”


If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, the about section reads, “This website is an entertainment website, jokes are created by users. These are humourous jokes, fantasy, fictional, that should not be seriously taken or as a source of information.”

Roblox Servers Are Not Going To Shut Down In 2020 react2424

Despite everything pointing to the article being a prank, it has been shared over 80,000 times. Roblox players have also been panicking on the game’s Twitter account. So far Roblox has not responded to the prank article, but it is probably safe to say people do not need to worry about the game shutting down in 2020.


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