• On Wednesday, a pitbull-boxer mix known online as “Bowie” was found locked in a kennel after being dumped in an apartment complex dumpster
  • Wichita Animal Action League took Bowie in and updated social media users on the dog’s condition saying it was a case of “cruel, purposeful starvation”
  • On Monday it was announced 26-year-old RayKesha Hardyway was arrested and charged for one count of animal abuse and one charge of no insurance from an outstanding warrant
  • Bowie’s condition has improved and on Monday he went to finish his recovery with a foster through WAAL

On Monday, 26-year-old Raykesha Hardyway was charged for dumping a severely emaciated pitbull-boxer mix in a locked kennel in an apartment complex dumpster in Wichita, Kansas. The abandoned pup went viral and became known to social media users as “Bowie.” It was not long before a social media campaign seeking justice for Bowie was launched.

Cruel Purposeful Starvation

On Wednesday, the Wichita Animal Action League made a post to their Facebook page with two pictures of Bowie inside the kennel he was dumped in. Bowie was found at the Ashley Lane Apartment complex located near Pawnee and Oliver in the late evening.

Raykesha Hardyway

Hours after rescuing Bowie, WAAL posted an update on Facebook. Despite the horrid image where you could clearly see Bowie’s rib cage, his health was better than expected. His organs were fully functional and his parvo test came back negative. “His condition is because of starvation. Cruel. Purposeful. Starvation,” the post read. Bowie was also dehydrated and in need of “slow, small meals” due to some of the dangers from Bowie’s severe starvation.

Raykesha Hardyway

You’re On Film

The day after Bowie was rescued, WAAL posted another update. However, this update was different. The update was a message to “the two individuals that threw Bowie away.” The post started by giving Bowie’s owner the benefit of the doubt. “Maybe you fell on hard times and couldn’t afford to feed him,” the post read. After giving Bowie’s owners what could quite possibly be an undeserved understanding of the situation, the page dropped a bombshell. “You’re on film. Both of you. And you’re going to be caught.”

Perhaps some thought WAAL was bluffing with their claim. According to Wichita Animal Control Commander Lt. Brian Sigman, WAAL was not bluffing. Following Hardyway’s arrest, Sigman confirmed there is a surveillance video that shows two suspects dumping Bowie at the dumpster at Ashley Lane Apartments at 7:15 pm. Bowie was found shortly after when a woman was taking out her trash.

Justice For Bowie

By Friday there was a demand for justice for Bowie. Flyers were created and a reward was offered for anybody with information about who abandoned Bowie in such poor shape. “This dog was starved, nearly to death, before being discarded like trash. Help us get him justice,” the flyer read.

Raykesha Hardyway

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Over the following days, Bowie’s condition improved. Shortly before news broke that Hardyway had been arrested, WAAL made a post showing Bowie on his way to his foster to finish his recovery. During his time with the foster Bowie will be transitioned from critical care food to dry food with veterinarian oversight.

RayKesha Hardyway Arrested

According to records from Sedgwick County Jail, Hardyway was charged with one count of cruelty to animals and one count of no proof of insurance. The no proof of insurance was from a former incident that resulted in an outstanding warrant. Wichita Police Officer Charley Davidson said on Monday that tips and interviews led to Hardyway’s arrest. Crime Stoppers Chair, Stacey Kluge, said: “This case touched a lot of people’s hearts, and we are glad that tips helped provide answers and hopefully some closure in this case.”

Raykesha Hardyway

A post from Hardyway’s Facebook on November 16, 2018, appears to show Bowie before the severe starvation. According to the post, and others, it would appear Bowie’s original name was Kodak. Bowie looks to be taken care of in the 2018 pictures. The post with the two images have been removed from Hardyway’s timeline but can still be viewed through her photos.

Raykesha Hardyway

If you would like to find out more about WAAL, donate towards their costs, or contact them for information on fostering or adoption you can contact them through their Facebook page or on their website by clicking here.


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