• QAnon conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin took to her YouTube on New Year’s Eve to recycle an old conspiracy accusing Tom Hanks of being a Pizzagate pedophile
  • Crokin is repeating the same claims as Sarah Ruth Ashcraft and Isaac Kappy, neither ever provided evidence to prove their claims
  • In the video, Crokin touches on deep QAnon conspiracies such as “The Black Eye Club” and the belief red shoes are made from baby skin

The bizarre cult-like mindset of the more extreme QAnon conspiracy theorists has given a growing platform to just about anybody that believes Satanic elitists are eating babies and President Donald Trump is the only one who can stop them. Evidence of that can be seen on the YouTube channel for Liz Crokin that has amassed over 76,000 subscribers.

Liz Crokin Joins Sarah Ruth Ashcraft In A Baseless Accusation Against Tom Hanks

Ending 2019 on a high note, Crokin decided to post a video to her YouTube accusing Tom Hanks of being a pedophile involved with the ongoing “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory. Crokin bases her video off the evidence lacking claims of fellow QAnon conspiracy theorist Sarah Ruth Ashcraft on Twitter.

In a tweet from last year, Ashcraft accused her father of selling her when she was 13 to Tom Hanks for “sex as a dissociated #mindcontrol doll.” She goes on to write, “I wonder how much $$$ my father made for breaking my mind & selling my child body throughout my life. Will I ever get to know?”

Liz Crokin

Ashcraft has never provided any evidence to support her claim against Hanks. Ashcraft has made similar accusations towards Hillary Clinton, along withother people and organizations over the years but has yet to provide any evidence to support any of her allegations.

After her claims started getting popular with the QAnon crowd, Ashcraft bragged in a tweet about gaining 20,000 new Twitter followers. So far the closest Ashcraft has come to providing evidence of her accusations is claiming “if the things I’m saying weren’t truth, twitter would shut down my page.” An ironic claim, as her friend Crokin had her Twitter account shut down in 2018.

Liz Crokin Banned From Twitter

A tweet from “Free the Butterflies” contains a screenshot of Crokin asking “why J.K Rowling hates President Trump so much.” Crokin goes on to claim there were “reports that child sexual abuse was rampant on the Harry Potter films.” She went on to write, “Those that scream the loudest are the most guilty & usually always tied to child sex trafficking,” followed with the hashtags “#Pizzagate,” “#Pedogate,” and #QAnon.”

Crokin confirmed her Twitter account was suspended in a post made on her Instagram on November 25, 2018. Crokin said her account had just grown over 100,000 followers days before losing her account. She goes on to accuse both Facebook and Twitter of being “used to traffic children just like Backpage which was shut down by President Trump’s DOJ.”

The Creepiest Thing Liz Crokin Has Ever Seen

Crokin goes on to say Hanks’ Twitter and Instagram accounts as the “creepiest thing you’ve ever seen.” She goes on to say, “He posts pictures of missing articles of clothing and objects that were owned by people and children … Many children items, such as children’s shoes, pacifiers, gloves.” One may see this as Hanks simply entertaining his sense of humor by posting pictures of lost items he encounters, but Crokin believes it is far more nefarious.

Conspiracy Theorists Claim Isaac Kappy Was Killed By Tom Hanks

Next Crokin references the claims of Isaac Kappy. Kappy was a minor actor that had small roles in “Thor,” “Terminator Salvation” and “Beerfest.” He was also known to push QAnon conspiracy theories like “Doughnutgate” before he died from suicide last May. Kappy was identified by the Arizona Department of Public Safety after jumping off the Transwestern Road bridge onto Interstate 40. He was struck by a Ford pickup truck according to DPS spokesperson Bart Graves.

Before his death, Kappy had accused both Hanks and Steven Spielberg of being pedophiles. In July, online search results for Hanks and Spielberg were dominated by conspiracies of the two being part of a vile Hollywood child trafficking ring. Kappy recorded and posted videos to his YouTube, such as, “Famous Actor Exposes Hollywood Pedophiles! Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks And More! #Pizzagate.” Kappy’s videos have been removed from YouTube but still remain on the Web. Like Ashcraft and Crokin, Kappy never provided any evidence supporting his claims.

After Kappy’s death, things only got worse for Hanks. On April 4, Hanks posted a picture of a lost glove on his Instagram. The caption read, “Historic Route 66. Roadkill? I hope not! Hanx.” Pizzagate conspiracists claimed since Kappy was hit by a car, clearly, Hanks was threatening his accuser just a month before his death. Crokin says Hanks “posted some cryptic messages that a lot of people interpreted as threats to Kappy’s life.”

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Following Kappy’s death, Google and Twitter searches were making suggestions, such as, “tom hanks kappy,” “tom hanks route 66,” and “Tom Hanks investigation.” The accusation of Hanks being responsible for Kappy’s death originated from an anonymous user on 8chan’s QAnon-themed message board, “q/research/.” From there the conspiracy hopped over to Twitter and continued to spread.

Liz Crokin Goes Into Oprah And The Black Eye Club

Next, Crokin points to a picture posted to Instagram by Oprah ON May 31, 2013. The photo is of Oprah, Gayle King and Hanks. Hanks is standing between the two women. He has a black eye and is holding a note that says, “I AM NOT ALLOWED TO TALK!”

Liz Crokin

Some of the more mentally unstable conspiracy theorists believe in a thing called “The Black Eye Club.” The claim is that celebrities who have ever been seen with a black left eye are marking themselves out as members of the Illuminati. Black left eyes are known as “Illuminati shiners” allegedly given to those who have made it to the highest levels of the Illuminati.

Crokin also references back to original Pizzagate conspiracy rhetoric when she makes note of a clock in the background of Oprah’s picture. The clock is made of meat, hamburger patties, and hot dogs, both of which are codewords for pedophilic actions. The photo has been a topic of discussion for those in the Pizzagate community and pushed on social media.

Liz Crokin Believes Red Leather Shoes Are Made From Baby Skin

Continuing to double down on her lunacy, Crokin reminds viewers that early in his career Hanks was in The Man With One Red Shoe. Why is this important? Because Crokin believes red shoes are “are significant, symbolic to the occult because they make leather red shoes out of baby skin.”

The red shoe belief can be traced back to Neon Nettle, YourNewsWire, and NewsPunch, three interrelated sites known for publishing fabricated and sensationalized clickbait content. The three sites claimed Macauley Culkin did an interview in France with the outlet Les Echos in December 2017. Les Echos allegedly deleted all traces of the interview where Culkin spoke of Satanic Hollywood pedophiles who wore shoes made out of baby skin.

One major problem with the claim is that Los Echos is known for serious reporting focused on economic and political issues. Aside from the extremely poor written French in the alleged pictures of the article, Los Echos does not publish stories related to celebrity gossip what-so-ever.

QAnon And The Infamous Sealed Indictments

Corkin hopes Hanks is one of the sealed indictments to help wake people up. She is referencing one of the oldest and most ridiculous claims from QAnon. According to the conspiracy group, there are currently over a hundred thousand sealed indictments. Once these indictments are unsealed they are going to arrest all the Satanic baby eating Democrats. In reality, the conspiracy originates from a group of researchers not understanding how to use PACER.

This research group has been looking at sealed documents on PACER believing they are all sealed indictments. A claim that could not be further from the truth. The thousands of “sealed indictments” are proceedings, which some may be indictments, but there is by no means any evidence even a large percentage are indictments.

Another problem is the search method is not limited to criminal cases. Instead, the search is pulling up sealed documents from all search methods, including Magistrate Judge and RV Motions to Disqualify CR. Metabunk published an excellent debunk of QAnon claiming over 51,000 sealed indictments on PACER back in October 2018. The debunk claims around 614 out of the over 51,000 sealed documents at the time were indictments.


Crokin goes on to claim the movie BIG is about pedophilia since Hanks’ character in the adult form has sexual relations with adults. The claim is just one of the many weak arguments Crokin desperately grasps at in an effort to prove her conspiracy. The entire 34-minute video can be watched below.



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