• Hannah Fizer was shot and killed on Saturday night during a traffic stop conducted by a Pettis County, Missouri Sheriff’s deputy
  • The department claimed Fizer became “non-compliant” and threatened to shoot the deputy during the stop
  • Fizer’s family has disputed the police narrative and on Tuesday investigators announced they did not find a gun in Fizer’s car
  • Sheriff Kevin Bond confirmed there is no dashcam or bodycam footage of the incident
  • The unnamed deputy has been placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation which could take up to a month according to patrol spokesperson Bill Lowe

On Saturday night, a Pettis County, Missouri deputy shot and killed 25-year-old Hannah Fizer during a routine traffic stop. Fizer’s family is demanding answers, but up to this point, their demands have fallen on deaf ears at the Pettis County Sheriff’s Department.

Fizer was on her way to her job at an Eagle Stop convenience store where she was recently promoted to assistant manager. She was pulled over by a Pettis County deputy in Sedalia, Missouri at approximately 10:00 pm near West Broadway Boulevard and Winchester Drive.

The investigation into the shooting has been taken over by the Missouri State Highway Patrol. In an extremely vague press release, Patrol Sergeant Andy Bell claimed Fizer was pulled over for “speeding” along with engaging in “careless and imprudent driving.” From that point, the police narrative creates more questions than answers.

The press release claims Fizer was “non-compliant” and “allegedly threatened the deputy by stating she was armed and going to shoot him.” The release goes on to say, “The incident escalated quickly and the deputy discharged his weapon, striking the suspect.”

Pettis County Coroner Robert Smith pronounced Fizer dead at the scene. The unnamed deputy was reportedly not injured. On Sunday, Sheriff Kevin Bond confirmed there was no bodycam or dashcam footage of Fizer’s murder. At the time, Bond could not confirm if Fizer had a gun. According to Bond, the department stopped wearing cameras about three years ago following technical difficulties and a lack of funding.

Fizer’s family has disputed the unnamed deputy’s claims, saying the description they are being given does not sound like her. Her family was sure that she did not have a gun. On Tuesday, investigators confirmed their thoughts.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol initially insinuated that Fizer had a gun when she allegedly threatened to shoot the deputy. According to patrol spokesperson Bill Lowe, investigators did not find a gun in Fizer’s car. Lowe offered no other new details about the shooting or an explanation of how it escalated to that point.

Lowe said the investigation could take up to a month to be completed and sent to the district attorney to decide if the deputy will face charges. The deputy is currently on paid administrative leave pending completion of the investigation. The deputy has been on the force since 2007 and has no other complaints against him.


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