• Up to 18 people have been reportedly injured or killed in a shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas on Saturday
  • Police have confirmed that one shooter is in custody and one other has been detained
  • Two images tweeted out by KTSM have been confirmed to be the shooter as he walked into the Walmart

Update: KTSM deleted the tweet with pictures of the shooter without any given reason, but had reported the images to be confirmed in their initial tweet. Multiple sources claim, including KTSM, have stated the images are confirmed to be of the shooter.

Update 2: Patrick Crusius has been named as the suspect responsible for killing 19 people and possibly injuring up to 40 more. Crusius allegedly posted a manifesto to 8chan before the shooting.

A shooting in an El Paso, Texas Walmart on Saturday is reported to have multiple fatalities and up to 17 injured but official numbers have not been confirmed. Some reports have claimed as many as 20 are dead.

What We Know Of The El Paso Walmart Shooter

KTSM reported that El Paso Mayor Dee Margo confirmed there were multiple fatalities in the shooting. Margo stated three suspects believed to be involved with the shooting were taken into custody.

In a press briefing, law enforcement said one 21-year-old suspect is currently in custody and one is detained. Rumors have spread of a possible manifesto, but that has not been confirmed.

In a tweet from KTSM, two images from what appears to be surveillance camera footage are confirmed to be the shooter entering the store.

The Walmart is located in the Cielo Vista Mall which was evacuated due to the shooting. It does not appear any shots were fired in any other areas of the mall. Bassett Place Mall was evacuated as a precautionary move after receiving mixed information. VICE journalist Evan McMorris-Santoro tweeted that a town hall event for House Representative Veronica Escobar was shut down due to the shooting occurring nearby.

On Twitter, Escobar said she was “Utterly heartbroken by the developing news in El Paso.” Escobar said she was monitoring the situation and was in communication was law enforcement.

The El Paso Police Department has been updating the situation on Twitter. On Saturday afternoon, EPPD tweeted out that the situation was still active. The tweet claimed reports of multiple shooters and asked people to avoid the area. Police have not ruled out the possibility of multiple shooters, but at the time of this article only one suspect was in custody.

EPPD also requested people to stay clear of the area surrounding Cielo Vista Mall and a reunification center for families located at McArthur Middle School on Whittus.

The ATF Dallas Twitter account reported they were also giving federal assistance following the shooting.

Police did confirm that officers did not fire any shots while taking the suspect into custody. It is not clear if the suspect turned himself in. This is still a developing story.

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