• Conspiracy theorists claim a short video clip shows an officer dumping fake blood on another officer during a standoff in Philadelphia on Wednesday
  • In reality, it appears the officer is likely placing iodine or another field treatment on the officers wound
  • Maurice Hill shot six police officers during the standoff and was taking into custody roughly eight hours later after tear gas was deployed

As the nation continues to see tragedy after tragedy, conspiracy theories are popping up more and more. A bizarre conspiracy began spreading on social media though following six police officers being shot by 36-year-old Maurice Hill in Philadelphia.

What Happened

At around 4:30 pm, officers tried to serve a narcotics warrant on Hill’s residence. As they got towards the kitchen, a gunman opened fire, forcing some officers to escape threw a window. Two officers remained stuck inside the residence with Hill and three others.

A nearly eight-hour standoff followed, and a SWAT team was sent in to rescue the two officers and three others trapped in the house with Hill. In total, six officers were wounded during the standoff. Local media caught a majority of the chaos from the sky and on the ground. One clip in specific has been grabbed by the conspiracy crowd to claim the standoff was a “false flag.”

The Fake Blood Conspiracy

A 15-second clip videoed from a media helicopter has been uploaded to multiple channels on YouTube and pages on social media. In the clip, two officers are seen running down the sidewalk to a squad car. Once they make it to the car, one of the officers puts their arm out as the officer appears to spray something on his arm. What appears to be blood splatters on the ground and the officer hops into the squad car while the other officer runs back towards the scene.

There are a lot of problems with this clip. If you look closely at the officer’s injured hand, he appears to be keeping it clinched as they run down the sidewalk. It is not until they stop that the wound begins heavily bleeding. Between running with a wound and finally opening his hand, you can expect blood to dump on the ground. Have you ever cut yourself and it took a minute before it starts bleeding? If the other officer dumped anything on the hand it was most likely something to clean the wound. Others have stated the blood disappears at the end of the clip and not taken into consideration the video shot is from a helicopter and the blood is on reflective paint.

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The claim behind the fake blood is the Philadelphia shooting is a false flag to push gun policies. This makes no sense. First of all, no officers were killed. Let’s play devil’s advocate for a minute and say the standoff was staged by the government to take our guns. Why didn’t any of the officers die? If the entire incident was staged, wouldn’t it be better to claim the officer died? Why did this officer leave the scene after allegedly being covered in fake blood instead of being sure he got better camera attention? What gun law could they possibly push from this incident? These are all questions that are ignored by those wanting the scenario to be a false flag.

Discuss reached out to the Philadelphia Police Department who are aware of the clip circulating and the false flag claims driving it. We were told the officer was wounded in the hand and treated at Einstein Medical Center for his injuries then released. The PDP are frustrated by the false claims circulating as they believe it downplays the victims actually impacted by Hill’s actions.

Maurice Hill

Not everything is a conspiracy. Hill is an extremely troubled man with a long history of violent crimes. Hill has a 12-page criminal history that includes assault, burglary, and gun charges that date back to the age of 18. His criminal history most likely dates back throughout his adolescence. The likelihood of Hill causing a standoff is much greater than an officer putting a small amount of blood on another officer’s hand.

Maurice Hill Criminal Background by discuss on Scribd

Details Of Maurice Hill Surrendering

Negotiators tried to make contact with the suspect, but Hill was not responding in the beginning. During the standoff Hill was FaceTiming his girlfriend according to Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross. Ross did not go into any details on how exactly officers learned of the video chat between Hill and his girlfriend but officers did learn he had a newborn. The information of Hill’s newborn was used to try and get him to think about ending the standoff reasonably.

I do know there was a point when we know he was FaceTiming his girlfriend, and that’s how we ended up with the information about her and largely about his newborn, which obviously we’re leveraging that to try to appeal to him and his sense of reasoning.

Police Commissioner Richard Ross Via CNN

Hill also spoke to his former attorney Shaka Johnson who tried to convince him to surrender peacefully according to Ross. Johnson received a call from Hill around 8:30 pm on Wednesday while he was watching the standoff on TV. “I realized who it was. The game for me became getting him out of there safely,” Johnson told KYW. Authorities eventually used tear gas to get Hill out of the residence at which point he was taken into custody. Hill will most likely face multiples counts, including attempted murder, aggravated assault, firearms offenses, as well as the possibility of drug and conspiracy charges according to District Attorney Larry Krasner.


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