• Patrick Crusius was identified as the suspect responsible of killing at least 19 and injuring as many as 40 in a shooting in an El Paso Walmart
  • Crusius has had the majority of his social media deleted by Saturday afternoon
  • An alleged manifesto from Crusius blames immigrants as his reasoning behind the shooting

Patrick Crusius, 21, a Dallas resident has been identified as the suspect in a mass shooting at an El Paso, Texas Walmart that killed at least 19 and left 40 injured.

What We Know About Patrick Crusius

Crusius’ Facebook and Instagram accounts were removed shortly after the shooting. An old Twitter account appears to have belonged to Crusius showed his support of building the wall and Trump’s questionable immigration policies in 2017. An alleged manifesto from Crusius claims immigrants destroying America is his reasoning behind the shooting.

Patrick Crusius Named As El Paso Texas Walmart Who Killed At Least 19 Twitter

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Crusius had a profile on LinkedIn that has now been deleted. Heavy managed to get a screenshot before the account was removed. “I’m not really motivated to do anything more than what’s necessary to get by. Working in general sucks, but I guess a career in Software Development suits me well. I spend about 8 hours every day on the computer so that counts as technology experience I guess. Pretty much gonna see what technology careers present themselves; go with the wind,” his bio read.

Patrick Crusius Named As El Paso Texas Walmart Who Killed At Least 19

Patrick Crusius Possible Manifesto

An alleged manifesto from Crusius has circulated online. The manifesto allegedly was posted on 8chan by Crusius. The manifesto starts off by saying, “I support the Christchurch shooter and his manifesto. They are the instigators, not me. I am simply defending my country from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by an invasion.”

The manifesto blames both Republicans and Democrats for “failing us for decades.” Government officials are accused of being “complacent” or “involved” in corporations taking over America. The manifesto predicts the country turning into a “one-party state” ran by the Democrats, who have already begun their plan by “pandering heavily to the Hispanic voting bloc in the 1st Democratic Debate.” The manifesto goes on to say immigrants will destroy the country’s economy by taking American jobs and the country will collapse under the burden of the increased welfare claims.

The manifesto possibly describes the weapons Crusius was using for the attack, which named an AK-47 as the primary weapon. The weapon believed to have been used in the shooting. In the manifesto, it claims a “AK47 (WASR 10)” was his weapon, but was not a “great choice.” “It’s not designed to shoot rounds quickly, so it overheats massively after about 100 shots fired in quick succession. I’ll have to get heat-resistant glove to get around this.” It also claims if another gun is used it will be an AR-15.

I didn’t spend much time at all preparing for this attack. Maybe a month, probably less. I have do this before I lose my nerve. i figured that an under-prepared attack and a meh manifesto is better than no attack and no manifesto.

Alleged Patrick Crusius Manifesto

One discrepancy in the alleged manifesto is that the police say Crusius was taken into custody without incident. In the manifesto it states “My death is likely inevitable.” It goes on to read, “I’m not going to surrender even if I run out of ammo. If I’m captured, it will be because I was subdued somehow.” The manifesto claims being taken into custody would be worse than death because he would likely get the death penalty or live knowing his family “despises” him. The full manifesto can be read below.

During their last press briefing, police said as many as 1,000 to 3,000 people were inside the Walmart at the time of the shooting. Due to back to school shopping, the area is pretty heavily populated during this time of year.



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