• A woman in Arizona had to remove a post on Facebook warning people her family may have COVID-19
  • Dan Franzen shared the woman’s post and called for people to “shoot to kill” possibly infected Navajos on site
  • Franzen made other racially charged statements on his Facebook about the Navajos in recent days

UPDATE: Since the release of this article the Page Police Department announced Franzen was arrested and booked into the Coconino County Jail for attempting to incite an act of terrorism, a class 3 felony.

An Arizona woman had to remove her post on Facebook warning people about possible COVID-19 infections after at least one social media user turned the warning into an opportunity to threaten Native Americans.

Due to the original poster claiming she is still receiving hate in her inbox, we have decided to conceal the woman’s identity. It is not clear when the woman made the original post as it has since been deleted. The woman warned others that her grandmother’s trailer is contaminated and that her uncle is in the hospital with a fever of 105. At least one person shared the post and called for the Navajos to be murdered before her post was removed.

Dan Franzen, a Page, Arizona resident, shared the post and wrote in the caption, “Danger Danger if you see these Navajo any Where call the police or shoot to kill these Navajo are 100% infected with the Coronavirus and needs to be stopped leathel Force is Athoizied. Page Arizona do not needed this spreading stop these people in any way or from. The Navajo police are not taking responsibility.”

On Monday night, the woman made a post to her page saying she had deleted the original post. “I’m getting alot inbox just for letting people know about my uncle and them,” she wrote. “That guy Dan works in Page and threatening to shoot them,” she wrote in reference to Franzen’s share. The woman said she deleted the post because a lot of “Natives are getting scared.”

Looking through Franzen’s profile, it is not the first time he has made hateful posts towards the Navajos in the last few days. On Sunday, Franzen made a post that read, “That’s a great idea The NAVAJO Nation should purge! Page Arizona should purge we the United States should purge!!”

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Just 23 minutes later, Franzen made a post encouraging people to illegally hunt and gather on the Navajo Reservation. Franzen wrote, “Free hunting and gathering on the Navajo Reservation the only two Navajo game wardens for the Navajo nation is busy handing out flyers so go free,gather,anything goes.”

On Facebook, Franzen has at least four Facebook accounts under the name “Dan Franzen” and at least one under “Daniel Franzen” and appears to be recently active on all the accounts. His Linkedin profile claims he works at the National Park Service as an assistant to the “Aquatic invasive Species Program.” In his bio, Franzen claims to be a Developmental Disabilities liaison in Coconino County.

Shoot To Kill Navajos


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