• Online conspiracy theorist Field McConnell was extradited to Broward County, Florida after violating a protection order for a Florida attorney
  • McConnell and fellow conspirator Timothy Charles Holmseth have a history of threatening and harassing Broward County attorney Kim Picazio
  • McConnell arrested in Plumb City, Wisconsin and extradited to Broward County where he was held on a $100,000 bond
  • Court documents show the conditions of McConnell’s release included electronic GPS monitoring, closing all email and social media accounts and no access to the Internet

Multiple sources claim online conspiracy theorist Field McConnell was released from jail on Monday after paying a $100,000 bond in Broward County, Florida. McConnell was extradited to Broward County after violating a protection order placed against him on behalf of a Florida attorney.

Timothy Charles Holmseth And The Children’s Crusade

For years, fellow online conspiracy theorist Timothy Charles Holmseth has claimed Broward County attorney Kim Picazio is responsible for an elaborate child trafficking ring through the Ukrainian Embassy. Holmseth has never provided evidence to support this claim aside from what he has released through his own outlets. In other words, Holmseth creates evidence to support Holmseth’s claims. If that confused you, it should. That is until you consider the scam he and McConnell have been running to make money off those foolish enough to believe their grandiose claims.

McConnell and Holmseth both claimed to be helping children through what they called the “Children’s Crusade.” The organization was used to receive donations from supporters for their “work” that consisted of exposing elitist pedophiles and pushing nonsensical legal advice to desperate people around the country. Both men claim President Donald Trump picked them to lead a secretive “Pentagon Pedophile Task Force.” A task force that simply does not exist. Once again, any evidence supporting the non-existent task force appears to originate back to Holmseth.

Sovereign scam artist David Straight has been known to make the same claim. Straight is affiliated with both McConnell and Holmseth and runs a similar scam as the Children’s Crusade. While Holmseth, McConnell, and straight all targeted families with open CPS cases, they claim to be able to help with almost any legal issue if they believe it will help their online persona or if there is money to be made. Other online scam artists that have claimed the existence of a secretive pedophile task force led by Trump includes David Jose Watson, Kirk Pendergrass, and Chris Hallett, among others.

Through their partnership in fraudulent online activity, McConnell apparently adopted Holmseth’s hatred of Picazio and began pushing the conspiracy of her involvement in trafficking children through Ukraine. Picazio was granted an injunction against both men after years of threats against her life and an endless barrage of horrid accusations. Both men violated the protective orders. McConnell was arrested in Plumb City, Wisconsin and extradited to Broward County. Holmseth is currently remains on the run from law enforcement after skipping a court date under the advice of Pendergrass.

That Is A Threat Miss Piggy

According to the arrest affidavit, in “numerous videos” McConnell was “vowing to kill” Picazio. On September 23, 2019, McConnell publicly broadcasted Picazio’s phone number to his large audience. McConnell stated he did this to “encourage his followers to go by her work address in Fort Lauderdale and to take her into custody.” He then posted a picture of Picazio’s head being chopped off with a samurai sword, insinuating he was going to kill her once she was taken into custody.

McConnell began referring to Picazio as “Miss Piggy” likely believing this was a way to continue his harassment without violating the injunction. He would often mention he was not allowed to say Picazio’s name during his live broadcasts. During a livestream in Plumb City on October 23, 2019, McConnell said to Picazio, “You’re on my radar and you’re gonna die. I hope that is clear enough. That’s me. Field McConnell, Marine Corp. 0116513, and that is a threat to Miss Piggy Broward County Florida. I don’t give a flying fuck.” According to the arrest affidavit, McConnell was charged with aggravated stalking, written threats to kill do bodily harm, and written threats to conduct a mass shooting or an act of terrorism.

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Field McConnell Order Offline

Sources claim McConnell was released from jail on Monday. Supporters of McConnell promised Trump would step in and stop the corrupt legal process he is facing. Court documents show that is not what happened. McConnell requested his $100,000 bond to be reduced and his release conditions be modified. The request to reduce the bond was denied. McConnell’s request to modify the conditions of his release was granted in part.

When all was said and done, McConnell was ordered to stay with family in Martin County, Florida under Level 1 supervision of the Broward Sheriff’s Office Division of Pretrial Services. During that time McConnell will be GPS monitored 24 hours a day by House Arrest Services and pretrial services. According to the Broward County Sheriff’s website, McConnell is on the strictest level of monitoring. McConnell was also ordered to surrender his passport upon release.

Along with a no-contact order, the judge also ordered McConnell to “close all of his email accounts, social media accounts, YouTube channel and other means of Internet communication and not access social media in any form.” At the time of this article, McConnell’s main YouTube channel, “The Field Report,” was still online. No content has been published in two weeks. Up to that point, McConnell had been giving his over 40,000 subscribers updates via phone calls from jail.

McConnell was ordered to not own or possess any firearms or devices capable of accessing the Internet. He is also not allowed to have telephone access. Any communication to his wife or family is to be done through his attorney, Howard Sohn Esquire, via a three-way call.

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