• A video on reddit shows an unidentified man switching the contents of two boxes of hair dye in an unknown store
  • It is not clear if the man switched the products back as the video ends after he places them back on the shelf
  • There is currently no information on what store this happened in or even the general location

A video on reddit that has received over 9,000 upvotes appears to show a man switching the contents of two boxes of hair dye before placing them back on the shelf.

The Old Switcheroo

The video appears to originate from reddit user u/Fzohseven. The video, titled “The old switcheroo,” has no sound and shows an unidentified man in the hair dye aisle of an unknown store.

The man grabs a box of black and blonde dye. He then opens both boxes and switches the contents. Both boxes are placed back on the shelf. The man looks directly at the camera and gives an eyebrow-raising smirk before the video ends.

Blue Bell Tin Roof Ice Cream

The video is reminiscent of an incident that occurred earlier in the year after a woman filmed her self licking a tub of ice cream than placed it back on the shelf in a Lufkin, Texas Walmart.

The bad prank ended up probably getting a bit more attention than the girl expected, as Blue Bell even released a statement and replaced all the ice cream in that section of the store’s freezer. The video received enough attention that a 36-year-old Lenise Martin III was arrested in Louisiana for doing a copycat video.


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