• According to Pat Atterbury, the foal was stolen from their property of Thursday
  • The foal needs to be with his mother for at least another two months, if not longer
  • Atterbury has offered a $2,000 reward for the return of the foal unharmed

UPDATE: Sadly, shortly after this article was posted, an update by the owner was given and the foal was found deceased by a local creek. The death appeared to be from lack of nutrition and not related to deliberate injuries.

A family in Haysville, Kansas were shocked when they realized their 1-month-old miniature pony was stolen from their property. Desperate to find the still nursing foal, Pat Atterbury went to social media for help finding any information related to the crime.

What Happened

Atterbury made a post to her Facebook on Friday. According to her post, the foal was stolen from her yard sometime on Thursday. Atterbury has offered a $2,000 reward for any information that helps return the stolen foal.

In the comments, Atterbury says police are checking to see if there are any cameras in the area that would have caught the suspect’s vehicle. She has also hired a detective, but it currently appears there is little, if any, information to go off of.

Atterbury also explains in the comments the foal would not even leave the big yard, so the chances of him wandering off are slim to none. The mother horse is stressed, and the father horse has been destroying his pen. Atterbury says she has even been throwing up and suffering from migraines since the foal was stolen.

Taken Too Soon

Typically, foals should be with their mother for at least three months. Preferably, the foal should stay with the mother for four to six months and be in good health before separating from the mother. The mare’s milk is at peak nutritional value for the first six weeks after foaling. Once the foal is three months old, the mother’s milk is not delivering the same amount of nutrition. Atterbury’s stolen foal is at a point where it still very much needs to be with his mother.

Atterbury’s post has been shared over 4,000 times, but as of Saturday, there was still no update. If the foal is returned unharmed, Atterbury says she will pay the offered $2,000 reward. If you have any information about the missing foal, you can contact the Haysville Police Department at 316-529-5912.


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