• New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced nearly 2,000 new COVID-19 cases overnight on Thursday morning
  • In response to the drastic spike, Cuomo adjusted an executive order from Wednesday that requires businesses to keep 75 percent of employees at home
  • New Jersey reported a smaller spike in COVID-19 cases claiming at least 742 new cases on Thursday

In America, New York is seeing the worst surge of confirmed COVID-19 cases with almost 2,000 new cases reported overnight. The situation in New York has become serious enough that experts are saying it is changing by the minute.

On Thursday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo confirmed the state had nearly 2,000 new cases overnight. New York City’s case count went up by 50% in a matter of hours. More than 7,500 tests were conducted overnight, which is almost a quarter of the tests the CDC claims to have done across the country, but can also help explain some of the recent surge.

In response to the drastic spike, Cuomo adjusted an executive order from Wednesday. The executive order required businesses to keep 50 percent of their employees at home. On Thursday, that number was increased to 75 percent. Despite the growing concerns in New York, Cuomo stated, “I am not going to do martial law in the state of New York. That is not going to happen.”

The numbers in New York are expected to grow even higher by the end of the day. New York City had 2,400 cases on Thursday morning but that number had surpassed 3,600 cases by lunchtime accompanied by 22 deaths, according to the mayor’s office. As of now, Brooklyn is the hardest-hit borough with 1,030 cases, followed by Queens with 980, Manhattan with 976, the Bronx with 436, and Staten Island with 165.

On Thursday, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy reported a similar spike as the state reached at least 742 confirmed cases and nine reported fatalities. On Thursday, health officials announced 318 new positive tests, along with four new deaths.

Three members of the same New Jersey family have died from COVID-19 and four other family members remain hospitalized after testing positive. Grace Fusco, 73, died Wednesday night at CentraState Medical Center in Freehold. Hours earlier, her oldest son Carmine Fusco died at a Pennsylvania hospital. Five days before Carmine’s death, her daughter, Rita Fusco-Jackson, died at CentraState Medical Center. Three of the four children hospitalized for COVID-19 remained in critical condition according to family relative Roseann Paradiso Fodera.


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