Who Is The New Member Of Slipknot That Replaced Chris Fehn

  • The band’s newest member replaced Chris Fehn as a percussionist
  • Slipknot fans have nicknamed their newest member ‘Tortilla Man’
  • A picture on reddit shows tortilla man by his drums that read “Who is the new guy”

Loyal Slipknot fans are becoming obsessed with figuring out the identity of their newest member that replaced percussionist Chris Fehn earlier this year. As of now, the band is keeping the identity of their newest member — nicknamed by fans as ‘Tortilla Man’ — a secret.

Rumors spread the new member was possibly the son of Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan’s, Simon. That rumor was shut down and Crahan speaking on the new member’s identity stated it’s “nobody’s fucking business.”

A picture recently shared on reddit of tortilla man hints the band is now having fun with the hidden identity. The picture shows Tortilla Man standing behind his drums. On one of his drum heads, there is a drawn outline of a human with a question mark in the center. Above it are the words, “Who is the new guy?” The picture suggests Slipknot is enjoying leaving their fans wondering.

They are having a blast with this from r/Slipknot

Fans are hoping to get an answer by the time the band’s new album “We Are Not Your Kind” is released on August 9 through Roadrunner Records. Slipknot recently finished up a summer tour through Europe. On July 13, Slipknot begins playing around America in Clarkston, Michigan on July 13. Frontman Corey Taylor says the band’s new stage show is an “attempt to create some Iron Maiden stuff, which is something we’ve been trying to do for a while.”


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