• On Monday, Kilaspell police with assistance from the FBI arrested Cynthia Abcug for Conspiracy to Commit Kidnapping
  • According to the arrest affidavit, Abcug’s daughter told her counselor for weeks that her mother planned to kidnap her brother from his foster family with members of QAnon
  • Abcug’s daughter claimed her mother started getting into conspiracies from QAnon but soon after started discussing an armed “raid” to get her brother back
  • Her daughter voiced concern that her brother’s foster family or others may be physically harmed during the raid

An arrest affidavit claims 50-year-old Cynthia Lee Abcug had planned to kidnap her child from his foster family with rogue rightwing members of the online conspiracy group QAnon. Abcug was arrested on Monday in Kilaspell, Montana by officers from the Kilaspell Police Department and an agent from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Abcug was charged with one count of Conspiracy to Commit Kidnapping, a Class 4 Felony.

Her Daughter Comes Forward

Abcug has had two children removed from her care. Her son was removed after she was accused of Factitious Disorder Imposed on Another—also referred to Munchausen by Proxy—and Medical Abuse of a Child. Since her son’s removal, her daughter claims Abcug began “spiraling down” the rabbit hole of popular conspiracy theories claiming the world is run by Satanic pedophiles that eat babies. 

Before any other agencies were contacted, Abcug’s daughter told her counselor for weeks that her mother was planning to kidnap her brother from his foster family. She claimed Abcug began being abusive towards her in the months before her arrest while “they” planned a “raid” to “kidnap [redacted] back from the foster system.” She said she did not know how, but apparently “they” had obtained the foster family’s residence. 

Abcug’s daughter did not know when the raid was going to take place, but she “believed the raid was going to be done by a group of people who were going to go get [redacted] back and they were going to harm the foster parents or other people, because ‘they took [redacted] wrongfully.'”

Her daughter said she could not understand why Abcug did not see kidnapping her son as a bad thing. For months Abcug was said to have talked about QAnon but then began talking more and more about the raid. Abcug was said to rarely leave her house except to attend meetings with the QAnon people. 


The daughter also said a male named “Ryan” was staying with them on their couch on the main floor. He had flown in a week to two weeks prior for “self-defense.” The daughter claimed Ryan was an armed guard that escorted her and Abcug everywhere they went. 

Ryan was described as being either former military or a former cop. She did not believe Ryan was being paid to be there, instead, she said he was “just there to help.” Before Ryan arrived another armed guard stayed with them for a couple of days but Abcug’s daughter did not have information on him. 

When asked to clarify about Abcug and Ryan knowing the address of the foster family, her daughter said she did not know where they lived and she did not believe her mother did, but members of the QAnon group did. When asked if her mother talked about violence, she responded, “not usually.” She did tell an officer Abcug frequently talked about the foster parents dying. Abcug believed her son was being molested by the foster parents. 

Scared, Anxious, And Confused

The affidavit says Abcug’s daughter was “scared, anxious, and confused” because she was worried her mother would find out she is who provided information on the planned kidnapping. It was noted that Abcug’s daughter had told her story for weeks and her story did not change. There was no reason to believe Abcug’s daughter was making her claims for retaliatory reasons. It was also noted she often protected Abcug. 

Abcug’s daughter told detectives her mother exaggerated her brother’s illnesses and since his removal, she had “gone a bit crazy.” After getting involved with Q-Anon, Abcug repeatedly talked about the raid to kidnap her son. She said Abcug along with members of QAnon planned to kidnap her son before Halloween 2019. The daughter said she had learned to “tune her out” when Abcug spoke of her “conspiracy theories” because she considered them to be “nonsense.”

The daughter told detectives Abcug had acquired a gun she displayed to her on September 25, 2019. Abcug claimed she got the gun “just in case anything happens.” The daughter also said Abcug had been going to a shooting range to practice shooting. A detective observed “5pm gun range” handwritten on a dry erase board that acted as a weekly calendar of events. The affidavit also notes that Abcug did not show up for an emergency court hearing regarding the custody and placement of her child on September 30, 2019, or a conference call on October 1.

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Supporters Of Abcug Claim She Is Innocent

Supporters of Abcug have claimed the arrest is fictitious and part of a plan from Douglas County to stop her from exposing them. The online-based media outlet NorthWest Liberty News has twisted the information available to seem as if Abcug was arrested for her QAnon beliefs. Host James White is known for belittling children victims in situations to push an anti-CPS agenda that paints those accused as innocent victims of a deep-state run system. 

White is a supporter of Melissa Diegel, who is currently accused of Munchausen by Proxy—a mental disorder that White claims does not exist—against her two minor daughters. Despite Diegel’s daughters appearing to be the state’s main witnesses, White pushes the narrative that the Arizona Department of Child Safety falsified the charges to keep her from exposing them. 

Abcug called into White’s Facebook LIVE broadcasts on Monday and Tuesday. On Tuesday, Abcug called and said her bond had been reduced from $250,000 to $50,000. White is allegedly posting Abcug’s bond. He believes the bond was lowered after the judge saw how poorly put together the arrest warrant affidavit is. A claim that holds no weight what-so-ever. 

FBI Lists QAnon As Possible Domestic Terrorists

Abcug may be in more trouble than White understands. On May 30, the FBI labeled some members of QAnon and other conspiracy groups to be possible domestic terrorist threats. The FBI intelligence bulletin originated from the bureau’s Phoenix field office.

The bulletin claims in some cases, conspiracy theories shared in the different conspiracy groups are “very likely [to] encourage the targeting of specific people, places, and organizations, thereby increasing the likelihood of violence of against these targets.” It goes on to state that some conspiracy theories can occasionally drive “both groups and individuals extremists to carry out criminal or violent acts.”  


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