• On Monday Michael Jones Jr. was indicted by a Marion County, Florida grand jury for the murder of his wife, two step-children and two biological children
  • Jones is believed to have killed his wife on July 10 then killed the four children in the following weeks
  • On September 15 Jones got in an accident in Brantley County, Georgia with his wife’s body in his van
  • Jones was already denied bail for his wife’s murder in late September and his arraignment is set for October 22

On Monday, suspected murderer Michael Jones Jr., 38, was charged for murdering his two children and his two step-children in Marion County, Florida. Jones was already charged for the murder of his wife Casei Jones, 32, last month.

Michael Jones Jr Charged For The Murder Of Five

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office went into a bit more detail on their Facebook page on Monday afternoon. According to the MCSO Jones is now charged with the murder of Cameron Bowers, 10, Preston Bowers, 5, Mercalli Jones, 2 and Aiyana Jones, 1. Cameron and Preston were Jones’ step-children. Mercalli and Aiyana were his biological children.

According to law enforcement the MCSO received a missing person report for Casei and the four children from her family on September 14. The family told police they had not seen her for six weeks. As an investigation was being conducted, Jones was located in Brantley County, Georgia following a traffic accident on Sunday, September 15.

Jones Murdered Casei Two Months Prior To His Arrest

Officers responding to the accident smelt a foul smell coming from Jones’ vehicle. Jones told officers on the scene that his wife’s dead body was inside his van he just crashed. He would later lead detectives to the location where he had stashed the bodies of the four children located near Folkston. Even more gruesome than the murders, Jones had apparently murdered his wife two months prior. The four children were murdered two at a time over the following weeks.

Based on evidence and interviews with Jones, detectives believe he killed all five victims at their home located at 14680 SE 86th Terrace in Summerfield, Florida. The Medical Examiner in Georgia determined Casei had died from blunt force trauma. Public Information Director Sgt. Paul Bloom said they would not officially say what weapon had been used in Casei’s death.

I know some have asked what was this caused by, do we know what instrument was used, what weapon…not right now. We’re still waiting on all the evidence to come in and determine based on the evidence what may have been used to murder her.

Public Information Director Sgt. Paul Bloom Via WCJB

Police believe after killing Casei on July 10 that Jones then murdered both step-children by strangulation the following day. Approximately two weeks later he murdered his own two children by drowning them. He left the bodies in the home for a few weeks before he placed them in his van. Jones then kept the bodies in the van for two weeks prior to transporting the body of his wife to Brantley County, Georgia.

Casei’s mother Nikki Jones told OCALA the couple had “marital spats.” There was once a two week period where Jones left the family and Nikki moved in with Casei in Leesburg. Nikki said Casei was “deeply depressed” during that period. Nikki claims she was upset with Michael because he was not working.

Jones Was Denied Bail last Month

Jones was initially charged with Second-Degree Homicide for the death of Casei. Days after his arrest, Judge Robert Landt denied Jones bail during his first appearance in Marion County. Assistant State Attorney Becky Fletcher asked that bail be denied based on the existing warrant and that more charges were expected related to the deaths of the four children.

Following the traffic accident in September, Jones was arrested by Brantley County law enforcement on other charges and extradited from Georgia to back Florida. At the time, Chief Assistant State Attorney Ric Ridgway said there was no rush to charge Jones for the deaths of the four children as he was being held without bond.

On Monday a grand jury indicted Jones on Second-Degree Murder for killing Casei and four counts of First-Degree Murder for killing the four children. The State Attorney’s Office say they plan to seek the death penalty. Landt set Jones’ arraignment for October 22.


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